Football Training

Hey all my name is Jason i am 16 years old and play football in high school. I read your guys’s website freqeuently an enjoy it and i am wondering if you can give me some insite on this. All we do is train vertically (like squats and deads ect…) but what about the postitions that you atcually use in football. Well usually your , in my case, have a 3 point stance hips down and back flat. Ok anway i was wondering if some sled work or even pushing cars can utilize power in this position effectively. Any help would be useful.


Definetly push cars! Up slight inclines are best. There’s an article in T-mag, called “lost art of the finisher” that talks about this. Trust me, it is GREAT for football. Also, make sure to work on sprinting. OFten times players focus too much on weights, but not enough on sprinting. Sprinting in the off-season will help your body become accustomed to the neurological transformations you have made while lifting.