Fitness Drivel

Okay, so I’m eating breakfast, watching one of these fitness shows. There is a weight training segment with 3 people working out, 1 guy and 2 gals. The guy is pretty big, one of the girls has veins popping out on her shoulders, so I’m guessing she has been hitting the weights a while. The other girl is trim, but not very muscular, I think she is former Miss Kansas or something. Well, the big guy is directing the veiny girl during a set of curls. He tells her to make sure and resist on the way down on each rep to get the negative. Then Miss Kansas looks at the camera and says something like “Yes, if you resist on the way down, then you are using your triceps, that way you can work the front and back of your arms at the same time”. I almost choked on my toast.


Please, someone, put my inards back into my side…!!!

Dumb wench!


Damn! I hope that works for chest too! That way while I’m doing chins I can improve my shitty bench…and I also suppose if you eat food with more density (aka heavier) you’d never need to curl at all. HIT dinner= chinese buffet.

And to believe I have been listening to the T-mag guys all this time. I am IMMEDIATLY changing my workout to just bench, curls, leg extentions and back hypers. This should give me a full body workout as long as I do the negatives. I cannot believe I have wasted all this time listening to King, Roberts, TC and all these guys here…Hmmm…I should also get some HMB and some Weider Mega mass 100,000 probably while I am at it. Need to also eat low protein, high carbs, and low fat…probably no more than .000000004 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. I am also starting a program to do cardio 5 times per day and only hit the iron once per month…will keep you all informed of my progress…I should be HUGE in no time!!!

I have even a better idea. Since the weight is helping the tricep to lower the weight, instead of dumbbells, just use your empty hand to curl. Better yet, how about helium-filled mylar balloons? Nah, it’ll overwork the tri’s.