So I’m in my gym tonight, and the local steroid boys come strutting their shit in. They’re not overly big, in fact, two of them are smaller than me. Anyway, it’s their leg day. So they go to the corner where our gym’s hack/squat machine is, and proceed to put three hundred pounders on each side. HE MAYBE WENT DOWN TWO INCHES!!!Then he loaded two more plates on each side, AND WENT DOWN TWO INCHES!!!It was so fucking hilarious that it wasn’t funny, if that makes sense. I turned to some other guys in the gym and said, “I wish I could do 700lb. knee bend/calf raises”. This clown was so stupid looking. People like that, I just want to kick their ass for being so stupid. The kicker is this. After doing these knee bends, he then goes to our plate loaded leg extension. Now, every T-Man knows that Leg extensions are THE NUMBER ONE MASS BUILDER FOR LEGS (YEAH RIGHT). This clown puts 4 plates on a side, then asks another guy for a spot as he moved the machine enough to just rattle the plates. Then he and his buddies got “finished”, walked like they were sore, and strutted their stupid asses out of my gym. Thanks for letting me vent T-MEN…SCREEL

Screel Bro…dont you know…that is Wieder Principle #458765243 “partial reps”. It is utilized when the aformentioned numb nut cannot manage complete range of motion, but wants to look like he can move weight. Right after that is Weider Principle #458765244 “Bouncing the bench press off your chest” This complex excercise allows you to bench far greater weights…if your sternum doesnt give out…of course. For you to belittle these guys is to go against Weider principles!!! HOW DARE YOU!! Keep that up, and next thing we know…you will not be doing 30 sets per bodypart…per workout, not renewing your subscription to “Muscle and Fitness” not believing that HHH and all those pro bodybuilders got built that big by using " Weider Dynamic Crap in a Bottle" and even worse…you might not believe that YOU TOO can gain 50 pounds of muscle in 30 days…just by using Weider principles and supplements!! Oh the shame!! Next you will probably want a SERIOUS bodybuilding web site…probably something called “Testosternone” or some name like that…JEEZZ!!!

Screel, my man, this is the place, now is the time…to vent that is. Let it go, bro. But seriously, just keep doin’ your thing. If those guys are looking for a T-Lesson, offer some advice. Most likely, they think they the shiznit anyway, so your best bet is to just let it fuel your workout, baby! Wear your T T-shirt with pride and continue on your quest…let the scrubs do their thing. But your welcome to give us frequent updates on the wonderful accomplishments of your comrades, as I got a hella laugh outta it!

Screel- I know what you mean man! My gym has one measly squat rack and it always has some jackass using it. They rack it full of 45’s and like you said, they go down about 10% of the way. Meanwhile people who don’t squat like that stand around waiting while they “recover” from that brutal set. The other thing that pisses me off is people doing curls with an Olympic bar with 10’s on each side. Unless you can curl 135, get the hell outta there and let me squat!

Actually, leg extensions, done properly, are excellent mass builders for the quads.

Yeah, we have guys like that at my gym too. Then, they give my dirty looks for (I suppose) stealing the attention away from then when I do rack pulls with 700. Get a life and lift for yourself!!

Lol. We used to have a guy like that where I work out (Mike Katz’s gym). He would come in with two GREAT looking females and workout by himself but have these two gals spot him. It was like a sideshow. The two women were more interested in each than they were in him! He had that strut about him but the two girls would be snickering behind his back. I’m sorry he left the gym. It was better than Imus in the Morning.

Whopper, once again a fellow T-Man has made me realize that I have much to learn in the iron game. After scouring through my library of Muscle and Fitness, as well as Flex, I realize you were only slightly correct. The Weider Principle in question is #458765253, not #458765243. As a result of my own stupidity, I have spent the last 34 hours in the dark, dank area of my basement, re-reading every issue of these publications,under the light of the moon through the single pane of glass that serves as a window, dating back to the April 1994 issue (The one where even with a half assed glance you can see Nicole Bass’ penis,ewwww…)Hence, living off of nothing but Saltines and rain water, I found the answer to my problems, MEGA MASS 700,000,fifty 1 set exercises, and an annual trip to the Mecca of Bodybuilding, some place in Salt Lake City. There, you too can learn the inspiring story of how a 98lb weakling single handedly made bodybuilding mainstream. I saw the made for TV special, shed a few tears, then cuddled my 10lb Mega Mass bag on the couch, thanking God for my good fortune.

Screel-Monkeyboy Eric's Disciple since, well 10 minutes ago.

To clarify my statements in the original post, any T-Man would agree that squats are more effective then leg extensions at building quad mass.

Screel Bro…stop it already!! IF you read all your back issues…then you know…Cable crossovers, broomstick twists, leg extentions, one armed tricep kickbacks, and cable curls using your whole body to get the weight up are SERIOUS mass builders…Wieder Principles 253436-374659. Also you should know…squats are bad for your knees (WP #746524) Bench Pressing is bad for your shoulders (W.P. #13242) Chin-ups are just too plain hard (W.P. #46534) and deadlifts are just bad for your back (W.P. #645365) So all of them need to be eliminated from your workout. All you need to do is get Weiders Mega Mass, Weiders Magic crap in a bottle, Weiders Magic Liquid in a tube, and take them all…(At the small cost of $976 per month) just DRIVE PAST a gym…and you will grow!!!

Screel, T-Bro, I SOOO know where you’re coming from man! And how the f@ck did ANYONE get the idea to actually do bicep curls in the f@cking squat rack!!! WTF is that…!!!