First Biotest & Mass Cycle

I am going to be starting my first cycle specifically geared for mass in about 2 weeks (when my budget allows ZMA, Tribex, and Androsol to arrive). I plan on following the “Get Big” diet from this site. My question is this: how should I work out? German Volume 2K for all 6 weeks, using the 5 day bodypart cycle Poliquin recommends? Will 6 weeks using GV2K be too long? If so, what does everyone think I should do? I have decent genetics (27 years old, 5’7", 185, vary from 9-11% bodyfat), but probably only average recovery ability. Never used gear, prohormones, etc. Just better than average nutrition and post-workout shakes w/ creatine. As always - thanks to any and all!