J Matz to the Biotest Crew

Yo whasup guys! My question is this, what is the current best way to utilize Androsol, Nandrosol, Tribex, and Methoxy. I’m planning to do a mass gaining cycle in two weeks and i’ve been checking past issues for the best ‘stack’ but i thought there might be a new way you guys are toying with. Im gonna take pictures and keep the food log etc and really make the effort to get big. I’ve been training as a tennis player for the last two years and so am not exactly a big guy, so my aim is a 15-20lb gain in the next 8 weeks, i reckon i should be able to hit that due to not having really trained in the hypertrophy rep range before so i should respond kinda like a newbie (my past training has been mainly speed/strenth based with a shit load of rotator cuff work) anyway i decided to change everything and drop the tennis for a while plus i just got a bonus at work so i figure i can spend a little extra on my supps this month. So hit me with your best guys and i’ll do better.