Fat loss for fat kickboxer

I workout 6-7 times a week.
i kickbox 3-4 times a week (unless a fight is coming up)
and i lift 3 times a week.
my lifting routine:
day 3repeat day one,
my primary goal is to gain strength, and size in some of my weak areas, mainly my right shoulder and right side lat and serratus.
(lost size in these areas due to a nerve palsy)
the problem is my eating habits haven’t changed but i just keep gaining weight(i’m 5’10" 240lbs.22%bf)no matter how much i work out.
i tried the warrior diet for 3 days and gained weight.
i’ve wanted to try a keto diet(because i feel carbs are my problem)but i’m worried about my performance and that when i go back to normal eating i’ll become even more insulin resistant.
i would just like to know how to eat to get my weight down to the 190-180 range at 10-12%bf. just a normal way of eating that will get me there.
i’m also a stay at home father so i’m not using alot of calories running the kids to school.
i have a sneeky feeling i’ve got low t levels.
any suggestions would be great.