Fat fast is working really well

I am only 6 days into fat fast and I have already lost 9.4 pounds (from 236.0 to 226.6 @ 6’), and it does not seem that I have lost any muscle. I am really happy with the results of the diet, however it is pretty much torture to only eat protein shakes and flax seed oil, but you can put up with anything for 6 weeks. What kind of results have others that have tried this diet had in the early going? How much have people that have finished fat fast put back on at the end of the diet? I really do think it is the best diet I have ever tried.

I was going to start it today, but I don’t have any idea where to get the flaxseed oil. Anyone out there have anywhere? I haven’t looked too much, but out of several places I looked, I haven’t had any luck.

You can get it at any health food store, or at a supplement store.

Thanks. That’s the impression that I got from what I had read on here. I guess my supplement store just fuckin’ sucks.

Yeah, I’m ready to start Fat Fast too. I checked sources on the internet and flax seed oil is pretty expensive. A 30 day supply (90oz) will cost between $75-$200.

I’m going on it, too, in about a week–I’m just waiting to finish eating all my carb groceries in the fridge. I’m actually somewhat eager for it! I just wish I had a low/zero-carb Grow to use, but in the meantime THANK YOU T-mag and Brock for developing this regimen. I only need to dump about 15 pounds to get where I want to be, and then it’s muscle calories all the way!

although i have never done the fat fast diet (and dont plan on doing it, not for a long while atleast) i might offer that you guys could try Udo’s choice oil. I am pretty damn sure that is carb free, and a lot of people like it more than straight flax oil. Try buying it in bulk from netrition.

Sorry I can’t answer your questions cause I haven’t tried the diet yet. I’d like to point out though that it pays to shop around. Flax seed oil isn’t that expensive; iherb sells 4 quarts of the stuff for $68.

Ok, I got my flaxseed oil. That stuff certainly does fucking suck. I’ve got a question, though. How detrimental to the diet would it be to mix the protein shakes with half water and half skim milk? I would rather use all milk, but I know that’s too many carbs. But it really tastes like shit with just water. Oh well, I guess nobody said it’d be easy, huh? One day in and I’m hurting…

You have to have WATER PROTEIN SHAKES???!!! I always wondered why everyone complains on this diet, as I think Protein shakes and Flax Seed Oil are pretty tasty. Yes - really.

Oh well - I guess I wasn’t planning on doing the diet, as I seem to respond better with carbs as part of my diet.

Water… Bloody hell.

Yes, of course! What did you think they would mix with–milk? How do you construct an ultra-low carb, ultra-low calorie diet with 6 servings of milk protein shakes a day? Now, the good news is that a single scoop of Grow has only 7-8g of carbs, so adding one scoop for flavor to 3 of your drinks of low-carb protein like Isopure can still meet the >30g/day requirement, but preserve the flavor.

Flax seed oil is not that expensive. I buy 500 ml at about 7$ Canadian (that’s 4.50$ US). Try mixing sugar free Quick with your protein shake for taste. I will do the fast fat diet around April, and believe me I am not looking forward to it!

Day 4 of my 28 day fat fast! Man my head is a little fuzzy at times but I generally feel OK.I have some Xenadrine to use up then I will probably switch to MD6. I’m also planning on using some Power Drive. I’m doing Andro-Sol 35 sprays 2X day for the full 28 days.
I noticed in the (occasional) water packed or oil packed tuna there is either hydrolized SOY protein or SOY oil. This doesn’t sound too good.
Well, anyway I’m on a shrink from “doughb-boy” status (23% BF) using GBC training to keep muscle growth.

Ok, I’m on day three, and obviously everyone else is doing better than I am. Basically, I feel like a giant fucking slug. Workouts suck, feel like puking, and have no energy. If I’m not a fat bastard still in 25 days, it’ll be worth it, though. What do you guys use to keep you movin on this? I’m taking Thermbuterol and Tribex right now. I got 9 hours of sleep last night, and still can’t do a damn thing today. Am I just that big of a pussy or do a lot of people feel this way?

Vinpocetine might help and so will serotonin modifying anti-depressants.

SCBA, is this your first ketogenic diet experience? Something Brock might not have mentioned is that the first two weeks, most notably days 2 and 3 of the first week, you will feel like sh*t warmed over. This is due to your blood sugar going below a normal level. Once you make your metabolic shift into ketosis, you’ll feel much better and your body will adapt to this diet. (Incidentally, ketosis usually happens by day 3 or 4, so I would be willing to bet that you don’t feel as bad right now as you did yesterday.) Also, the Androsol/Nandrosol must really make a big difference, because if you were to do this diet w/o these or a periodic carb-up, you would gradually lose muscle and feel worse as time goes on. Good luck!

have anyone try ordering a protein/EFA blend from Protein Factory?? I really like their “Size Powder”…am going to see if I can get a “no carb” version of it when going on the Fat Fast

teddykgb, no it’s not the first one, but it’s definitely the most extreme. I felt a little shitty before, but nothing like this. As for Nandrosol, I’m not currently using it because I just ended a 2 week cycle of it like 2 weeks ago. This probably wasn’t the best time to start, I guess I should’ve waited a couple more weeks so I could start Nandrosol again with it. Anyway, thanks for the input. Ironically, I feel a little bit better knowing that I’m supposed to feel like shit.

Try using 1 tsp of heavy whipping cream for every tsp of flax. makes your shakes taste better, and I think a little sat. fat will help preserve test levels.

SCBA, it’ll get easier; however if you’re not using the andro/nandro, I would just about guarantee you’re going to have to up your cals from what Brock suggests (I’m assuming he would agree but I could be wrong). 50 % of maintenance cals is feverishly low, so if you’re not using a test booster not only are you risking muscle loss but you’ll feel crappy pretty much 24/7. Here’s what you might tweak, and I’m not trying to disrespect the man himself (Brock):

  1. Keep the cals at 50% then every 5th day (after your Friday workout if you go M-W-F), eat a carb meal every 2 hrs. for a 24 hr. period, preferably avoiding fructose/sucrose and don’t exceed 10 grams/kg. of lean body mass. This will provide an anabolic response and as long as you don’t exceed the above carb level I guarantee you there will be no fat gain. (I can’t take credit for this approach, got it from someone else). You’ll be storing some water the day after your carb-up, but it’ll go away rather quickly so be close to a restroom!

  2. Up your calories to 10-12x bodyweight if you’re not going to carb up or use andro/nandro.

Additional tips: make sure you get plenty of potassium, and take a good multi w. extra calcium/magnesium. These are excreted at a much higher rate on a ketogenic diet. Water-LOTS! For what it's worth, I am doing option 1, doing Brock's recommendations Sunday am thru Friday evening, then I carb-up for 24 hrs. I am not using andro/nandro either. It's working like mad! If you have any other questions let me know. I'm not trying to pose myself as an expert, but I have done keto diets many times, have read everything from Lyle's book to Atkins to Dr. Mauro to the stuff in T-Mag, plus I managed a GNC for two and a half years so I'm pretty knowledgable w. supplements.