Fat Burning

Hey everybody,

I have been losing fat for several months and need some more help. In January I weighed 260 lbs. at 5’10" and had a bodyfat% of over 35%. I now weigh 210 and my bodyfat is down to 18%.
(soon I will be in Body for Life!) JOKING! Here are my questions-

#1. Since the CAE stack works in part by raising the body temperature would it be to my benefit to wear extra clothes during exercise and thereby raise my body temperature a degree or so?
#2. Is it true that the problem areas (waist and hips) are harder to burn fat off of or is that a rumor? I have only lost 5 inches of my waist to go with those 55 lbs. My waist should be at 34 to 36 inches as I recall from High school but I find it hard to beleive that I will lose another 8 inches over the last 30 lbs.
#3- Please feel free to post any good fat burning tips you have!

First off, duder, congrats on some fantastic progress! You should really be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Now, about your questions:

  1. No, I don’t think wearing extra clothing will help you burn more fat. ECA works by increasing your metabolic rate; the temperature rise you experience while on it is just a side effect of that rate increase. It is not the cause of the fat loss. Anyone else feel free to chime in if you disagree.
  2. It is absolutely true that it’s harder to burn fat off your “problem areas” than other areas. That’s why they become “problem areas” in the first place! My memory’s a bit fuzzy (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), but I think it has to do with sparsity of alpha-2 andrenergic receptors or something. We’re evolutionarily pre-programmed to store fat in certain places (men generally store fat around their abdomens, women in their thighs and butts), and the body is loathe to give up its fat stores. Getting ripped is quite foolish from an evolutionary perspective. You CAN get rid of your “problem area” fat stores, but they’ll be the last to go. Don’t be surprised if you eventually find yourself (as many posters here have, no doubt) with a rippling six-pack, big veins popping out of your arms and legs, striations in your pecs, and love handles still doggedly hanging on, ruining the whole picture! It’s annoying, but for most people getting rid of their problem areas requires having REALLY low bodyfat - like 5 or 6%. I can tell you that personally, even at a ripped 6% (which I diet down to on occasion), I still have mini-love handles.

  3. Regarding your other, more general, inquiry about fat loss tips, you need to post more info about your current diet and workout strategies. I’m sure folks here will have lots of helpful advice for you if they get a bit more info to work with. Come on, folks, let’s help a brother out!

You want to DISSIPATE or RADIATE those calories (heat units)
you dont want to insulate yourself

yea waist/ips are harder, try yohimbine (md6)

Congrats on your progress. Thats no small accomplishment. I agree with Zev. I’ve lost around 50 lbs and I’m down to 9 to 10% bf, just now starting to see my abs, and still have love handles. Their much smaller, but they’re still there. If you are like me, that last 30 pounds of fat is mostly in your mid section anyway so I wouldn’t be skeptical about losing a lot of inches in your waist. I’ve gone from a 38" waist to 33" while losing the last 10-15 lbs. Of course I did gain some muscle mass during this phase, so weight loss in not a good method of measuring fat loss. The closer I get to goal the harder it is to lose. I try to change up my routine, including eating habits to jump start my system to get through the plateaus. I still do a lot of cardio (3.5 miles 6 days per week). I happen to have great genetics for growing muscle, so doing a lot of cardio isn’t a problem for me.

It has actually been shown that a greater percentage of calories burned come from fat in warm weather, as opposed to cold. It is not a bad idea to wear a bit more colthing if you are trying to lose fat, but do not take it to extremes; you should not be pouring sweat all day! Also note that, although a greater % comes from fat if you are warm, more total calories are burned if you are cold. Kind of a trade off - just go with what makes you comfortable.

You didn’t say that your fat loss had kind’ve stagnated but I get the impression it might be. After about 10 weeks of dieting it gets really dificult to continue losing at a good pace. One remedy for this is to increase your calories for a couple of weeks and try to gain about 4-5 lbs. It should be mostly muscle weight and some water but it will help reset your thyroid and allow you to resume fat loss again. Look to increase your calories to about 15 calories per lb of bodyweight.

Hey Drew! Congratulations man! That’s impressive. That’s not an easy feat I’ll admit. Anyways, in regards to wearing clothes to lose weight, I can tell you this, wearing clothes will only make you sweat water. So yeah, of course if you insulate your body a bit more and let out more water, you’ll lose maybe a pound or two but you rehydrate it all back up. It’s kind of like how if you weigh yourself at night vs. the morning. You see, it’s not the outer body temperature that counts, it’s the inner. And in response to what oneab said: I do recall reading a study stating that in fact the oppisite occurs. The colder your environment, the body tends to heat up more to compensate for the cold. The rise in body heat does not include shivering.

However, since I have not read any reports on what oneab said, I will not flat out deny his claim. However, to put it quite simply, the cooler your environment, the more sedentry you will tend to be. The warmer, the more you’ll want to go out. Kinda like deciding whether to hike in freezing snow or a sunny day you know? So I suppose outside temperature would only apply if you are active if that’s what oneab’s study was referring to. Also, as menial as it is, the more clothes you wear, the heavier they are and therefore, you carry more weight so I suppose that could be true but the “fat” loss from clothes in general would be so low, it would be practically insignificant. My best advice from being a dieter myself is to stay as comfortable as you can since dieting can be very stressful. Once again, congratulations and keep it up!

Are fat storage areas related to body type? I always hear women store fat in the butt and thighs but I don’t. I store it over my abs. Every woman in my family does. I wonder why?

I.B.: As I understand it, fat deposition location is almost entirely genetic, so it makes perfect sense that your unusual fat deposition pattern occurs in other members of your family. My girlfriend is like you - ZERO fat anywhere on her body except around the “love handle” area (of course, she’s quite the genetic anomaly in general, because she’s also 5’9" and 125 lbs. with D-cup boobs.). Not surprisingly, her mom and sisters are like that too. Chalk up your situation to genetics and be glad that it is the way it is.

Thanks everyone for the compliments and support. I guess I should have put in some more info so here it is. As far as my diet goes I eat about 200 grams of protein a day mostly from whey. I also eat between 100 and 150 grams of carbs and supplement extra fat with flaxseed oil.
I know that is basically nothing to eat but it is working for me. I started lifting weights again 5 weeks ago and have been making tremendous progress even on such a drastic diet. I am squatting 225 for sets of ten and benching 205 already for ten reps also. Genetically gifted is the term my coach used in HS when I maxed out at 315 on bench at 17. Anyway, I went on a version of the CAE stack two weeks ago and have dropped another 4 pounds since then so I am still doing quite well. I will admit that 3 protein shakes and three cans of tuna a day is starting to get boring! What I beleive has helped me the most is quitting my desk job and getting a physical job at a golf course where I am physically active all day and walk an average of 6 to 10 miles every day. Keep the info coming and wouldn’t you know with those four pounds came a 1 inch drop in waist size!! WOW!! By the way- if anyone has any info on the new T2 supplement please let me know.
Thanks again,

You have to be careful with body temperature when working out. Don’t get me wrong warming up is essential but burning up can kill you . Your body has carefully eveolved to opperate at a slim range of tmps . If you go outside these temps it will try to get back to the normal op temps. There are many reasons for this lets just say first of all as anybody who reads about protien will tell you they are very temp sensitive. Secondly enzymes are no exception to this rule. I thimk the way way temperature can help burn fat in far more to do with in between work outs and your basal metabolic rate than do your self in during a work out. it is all about optimisation not excess. Balance is the key. One final thing I found out the hard way from personal experience is that there has been research done with athleetes that suuests tht if you over heat during intense excercise you increase the chances of getting an injury! good luck Daz

Drew … A post after my own heart!
I really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers.

May 15, 2000 I was 270 Lbs 52" waist and chest. BF? about 34% at 45 yrs of age.

Now at 184 Lbs 34" waist 47" chest BF? about
12 or 13 %
(Yep I have Pics)
can see top 2 abs but love handles and sagging skin is a killer, I’ve maintained these stats for about 3 Months, and am trying 2 or 3 weeks of different diets to make a difference … for me I can live on a high protien diet with carbs easier than without.

I am going to try an earlier w/o and a big boost of carbs and whey after w/o (can’t afford many sups) and Protien and carbs for next 2 meals and Protien and Flaxseed oil for the last 2 meals.
I will reduce carbs in my last 2 carb meals and go may 2 tblsp of flax. and push the cardio. When I did HIT type cardio, the fat came right off, but I have been trying a bodycomp type w/o instead with less success.

Love this site and thax to Chris, Bill, John and all of you who make this site such a success!

Hey RWB,

My waist was up to 47 inches when I weighed that much. Fortunately I am young enough (20) that my skin still has excellenet elasticity and sagging is not an issue- at least not yet and i have 20 more lbs. to go My congrats to you my friend and keep up the good work!

Thanks Drew

It sure makes a HUGE Diff in life!
Suprisingly the sag is not that bad …I find
a decent skin cream really helps .
Been on my own for 2 yrs due to divorce …
been looking for 30 -40 something females (I am 47 at 5’ 7" 184 to 190), but the women I am meeting are 26-36yrs! I thought life was going to drag, but God since about X-mas I even get approached, some of them even want to TOUCH! This is funny as my oldest is 27! My 21 Yr. old daughter says she only want the women to be closer to my age than her’s LOL.
I like it!
Having a blast (but keeping my head on)
… no pun intended …

Hey Drew and RWB, I want you 2 to know that I have found your posts very inspirational, and I hope to do as well as you guys did. I’m 305 at 45% BF (according to the Tanita scale), 48" waist, Height 6’2.
My ultimate goal is to be ripped at 245.
I’m starting Wk 3 of the Fat Fast, and its going pretty well. Only problem is my Tanita Scale “only” goes up to 300 lbs, so I don’t know how accurate the “305” is. No big deal I guess. Once I lose a few more pounds and get under 300 I’ll be fine.

RWB- I have to know. You said that after losing almost 90 pounds your waist was now 47" compared to 52". Is that a typo? Do you mean 37"?

Hey RWB… What skin cream shrinks loose skin? Just curious.

Hey JJ,

It probably wasn’t a typo. I have lost 50 pounds or so and have only lost 7 inches off of my waist. Whats cool is that now every 2 pounds or so is half an inch! It seems to really be the last stuff to come off!