Extreme Lower-Body soreness

Hello to all. I have a problem.I train my upper and lower body seperately giving each 4 to 5 days to rest. My problem is I get EXTREME muscle soreness on my quads whenever i do squats or use the cybex squat press machine. I mean I can hardly even walk for 3 days. Ive been training for a year now and no other body part does this. I take 15 grams of glutamine which helps with the soreness a bit, HMB, and Ribose C. Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing something right? Im thinking of taking out my lower body workout for good because of this. I hope I can get some insight from someone.Thanks. T-Mag is awesome! Fern (please no jokes on my name) :slight_smile:

I had the same problem as you , it took 7-8 days(I’m not kidding) to recover from 3 sets of 10 rep squats. I decided to up my protein from 1g per lb of bw to a minimum of 1.5 and my recovery improved to 5 days.If that won’t help I suggest reducing your intensity and or volume.

I would definitely not stop training your legs. In my opinion, the squat is simply the best exercise for overall growth (not just legs). Besides if you stop training legs you just look bad. Check out the current issue with the gang of T-vixens answering questions. They all agree that a guy with a great upper body and no lower body is just plain stupid looking. As far as dealing with the pain, I’m afraid that is just part of leg training. I’m assuming that your talking about muscles soreness and not pain in your joints? I’ve found that some people experience extremely intense muslce soreness with any leg training, and they just learn to deal with it. Make sure your diet is staying top notch as well. Whenever I slide on my diet my recovery time increases and it takes longer for me to get over the soreness. Also the more consistent you are with leg training the easier it becomes to deal with the pain. Put your body through enough intense weight training sessions and it learns to deal with the pain better. This will take a little while, but it will come eventually. The bad thing is that you have to come up with new ways to bring about pain so you can keep improving your lower body. Also, you may want to train legs every 6 or 7 days instead or every 4 or 5. If your legs are sore from their last workout never train them until they feel refreshed and recovered or you’ll simply be hurting your progress. Also, if you want to try a great product you should go to www.ast-ss.com, and order a product called Dolgit Creme. It’s a sport gel that actually conatains ibuprofen in it, and it doesn’t leave you smelling like a medicine cabinet. I’ve found that it works very well when used sparingly. Hopefully that helps you out, and you keep sprouting new muscles like a …well…Fern!

pick up glutacene from a health food store. nutrisport in indy sells it ; we also sell biotest. you will significant decrease in soreness with this product.

Don’t give up your lower body training! I’ve got the same problem. I only train with 6 sets on quads and 3 on hamstrings (not including warmups). I do 3 exercises each and cycle my reps from 4-10 reps. I stay in a certain rep range like 4-6 for 3-4 weeks and then instead of uping the weight I’ll up the reps. I will also vary the order of the exercises. An example would be putting leg extensions at the begining instead of the end of a training session. Lastly, I will vary the type of exercises. Instead of lying leg curls I may do seated. You can also vary your sets. I train fairly hard so I keep my sets pretty low. I’m afraid the soreness issue is something I’ve had to live with. It sort of sucks. I can’t really do a hip day because of all the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) so instead I will use good mornings, stifflegged deadlifts, and their variations for hamstrings on leg day. Also I will incorporate deadlifts after squats in place of leg press from time to time. This approach has helped me reach a 400lb squat (butt to the ground, with belt, no wraps, and no suit), a 1000lb leg press for 12 reps, and a deadlift approching 400lbs. These aren’t world record numbers by far but at 185lbs drug free it ain’t half bad. The key is experimentation. Just don’t give up bro!

I had the same problem until I started taking 2 things (ecdysterone,you know the supplement that won’t do shit for you,because so called experts said so and finasol).Iam 44 years old and train legs every 6 to 8 days either with the 5 on 5 maximal or 4 sets of 12 to 15 to failure and they heal within 3 to 4 days,when Iam off the finasol I take ecdysterone it heals your body just as fast as finasol with less strenght gains.

Sounds like you have a small recovery problem there. Make sure you’re eating within 20 mintues after the workout, include some protien and high carbs. Maybe you could give Biotest Surge a try.
Here are some other recovery techniques. Make sure you warm up before your leg workout for at least 10 minutes at moderate intensity. Stretch your quads especially before the workout, during the workout between sets, and after the workout for at least 15 minutes. You may want to try stretching twice a day for the next two or three days. Perhaps you could benefit from massage. There’s also the alternating cool and warm water in the shower to help speed recovery. Actually aim the water at your legs. I think it’s like 5 minutes cold, 5 minutes warm a couple times. You might want to take the next day completely off from anything too. As mentioned below, don’t work your legs again if they still hurt, and maybe you should only train them once a week for a while. Above all, don’t drop them from your weekly schedule. Good luck!