Excellent Leg Workout

I really enjoyed this past leg workout so I thought I would post it :

Front Squats(heels raised off wedged board)
3-4reps with a 501 tempo (then rack the bar and switch to:
Back Squats (Heels raised off a wedged board)
3-4 reps with a 411 tempo, then step forward off the wedged board to:
Regular Back Squats
3-4 reps with a 321 tempo
REST,1.5-2 minutes then proceed to A2 exercise
Leg Curl (Fast twitch drop set)
3 reps 311 tempo doing a total of 4 3 rep drop sets on a 311 tempo.
REST 1.5to 2 min, and repeat each circuit four times.

Good Mornings 6 reps with a 321 tempo , proceed to
Romanian deadlifts hands pronated 6 reps with a 411 tempo (you will need to add weight) proceed to
Regular Deadlifts for using strong deadlift grip, 6- 8 reps with a 511 tempo.

Rest 10 sec in between each exercise, repeat 3 times.

4 sets 8 411 tempo of dard dorsi flexion superset to
4 sets of 10/10/10 drop sets using the seated calve raise.

Pat your self on the back it was hard! Now 4-6 hours later 4 sets of 1 min on 1 min off jumprope 4 stadiums exploding off your calves do not exceed 1 min on 1min off 4 100 yard dashes exploding off calves take 1 min rest in between.

The reason for the running is thats the only way I got my calves to grow, using explosive movements in the evening.

Let me know how you liked it. Beginners don’t try this workout. It is very very demanding.-


God that leg workout looks insane. Seems just what I need to kick start my legs in to rapid growth! I’m scared but I’ll give it a try.

Whats a good morning?

Good workout Tapper! I tend to get too much glute development from squats so starting with quad dominant front squats would be a good routine for me too.
Here’s one of my routines;
leg extensions 4 sets of double drops, 6, 8, then 10 reps to hit slow and fast twitch. 1.5 mins rest between each double drop set
hack squats 3 sets of double drops, again 6, 8, then 10 reps, 1.5 mins rest between each double drop.
squats 2 sets of 4-5 reps so my glute strength can help polish off any fibres not exhausted.
hamstrings 5 sets of rest pause sets of 4 reps, rest 20 secs, 4 reps rest 20 secs then 4 reps. 2 min between each set as more fast twitch muscle group
stiff leg deads 4 sets 6-8.
Calves are trained on a seperate day, when I can start to walk again!

I’ll have to try that one stu!