What is the story on euphoria ? When will it be out & what are the active ingredients in it ? I understand it is supposed to be awesome.

No doubt, we all want to know. I emailed testosterone after reading the interview, and still no reply. What gives? Let us know! I imagine it will be something mixing Kava and Valarian, since these are both herbal “benzodiazepine-like” drugs. Damn it anyway, I want to take it.

I don’t know all the details just yet, but Brock talks about it a bit in his"Meet the Press interview a few issues ago. Basically, it’s going to be a “feel good” product that helps you de-stress. For those that feel they’re in a constant catabolic state from stress, this should be perfect. Can’t wait to try it myself. Watch Tim’s BTS column for more info. Brock will have an article on it too in the future.

OK, we are tweaking the ingredients for the
Euphoria product now (this takes time folks,
I am making this as EXACT as possible) and then
it will take 4-6 weeks to ramp up production.

So far, I can tell you about some of the "beta" formulations I have played with:

V1.0 - Makes you feel like you have 3 beers or so with no hangover effect the next day. No way you want to lift on this because I am can tell you first hand lifting was the last thing on my mind. Basically, this was "buzz city" and all I wanted to do was watch cool stuff on TLC and munch on Cheetos.

V1.1 - Better, still feeling pretty stoked like above but mind is as fuzzy, still lacking motivation to do anything other than watch TLC and chow down on Cheetos. A step in the right direction.

V1.1a - OK, now I am too interested in the how the Cheetos people make their product, a step in the wrong direction.

V2.0 - Feeling relaxed, feels like...well... like 1.0mg of Xanax without the sleep effects. I am mellow but I can concentrate. It's almost like I can direct the way I want to feel. If I want to go to sleep, I am sure I could. If I want to tune out the world, I can do that too. This is a great buzz, not like a hallucinogenic trip mind you, just happiness, peaceful, mellow with clarity of mind. No Cheetos munchie syndrome but food tastes...better :-) Still, no motivation to hit the gym.

V2.0 is the best version yet. This is not going to work super well with people who take it and expect to work out but it will be totally cool for people to use when they come back from the gym or if they have "Dbol Insomnia" or if they basically feel a little "off" in a bad way.

I have an article coming out soon. More details then.

But overall, this will be a product that has
universal appeal for men and women alike.
My concerns? It works a little too well and
I am afraid of 16 year old kids sucking down
3-4X the suggested dose at RAVE parties along
and getting into a lot of trouble.

The effects are not GHB or GBL like (both of
which I did not like because of the slam
effect and rebound when you woke up).
Much more subtle in some ways. But if you’re
stoked on ECA and need to mellow your mind,
this will do it (although it did not and will
not slow down your pulse or lower BP).

I honestly expect this to be Biotest's biggest seller in under a year because everyone can enjoy it and who doesn't want to kick back for 3-6-8 hours for a "mini vacation from the stresses of the world" here and there?

Back to my evil laboratory…ahahahahahaha!!!


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d wanna get my paws on V1.0!!!

Brock—What are the general ingrediants you’re mixing into these babies? Are you starting with a primarily herbal base (Kava) or aminos or what? The anxiously awaiting public awaits your anxious reply.

Hey, Brock…why not release multiple versions of the same drug (er, I mean supplement)? Hear me out on this one:

-Drug companies do it (ie Wellbutrin = Zyban)
-It’s a pretty damn cool marketing ploy (I’m at home thinking, “How baked do I want to get? Version 1.0? No, I’m going to lift later on, so I’ll stick with Version 2.0”)
-Lastly, cuz I want all the euphoria you can dish out!

Let the group know what you think…and dose us up!!!

i’m gonna have to go with simon on this one. hey brock, have you tried them on anyone else or just yourself? since different people might react differently i think you should send us samples. if you need a test subject i am here for you.

will this product make me real horny? one thing i really liked about the gbl products is that they really increased my sex drive

Can I preorder like a million bottles?

OK, right now, I am the only test pilot on
this shuttle mission but eventually, 4-5
people on staff will try it and we’ll maybe
allow some non-staffers “beta access” provided
you don’t send me any e-mails pestering me.

Yes, it has a large dose of kavalactones in it (no valerian, made me too sleepy) and it has some other REALLY cool, secret surprise ingredients, one of which has really never been used in the bodybuilding market and is totally kick ass!!!

I have to watch it here because, and I know
this sounds retarded to some of you, if we
really crank it up like I wanted to and
make this stuff like “herbal Rohypnol”, which
I could easily do, we’re going to end up
getting sued by parents of 14 year old
girls who have Euphoria slipped into their
soda-pop by horn dog guys.

So (and look at it from my view) I need to temper my urge to make this some serious, serious shit with the practicality that I need to make it appealing to people who don't want to have what basically is a "legal alternative to Xanax' and just take a pill and chill out by melting into the LAY-Z-BOY with a bag of Cheetos like I did the other night.

If you want a "rough" idea of how E will feel, go suck down (and I don't advise this, OK?!?) 3X the suggested dose of Kava Kava and just mellow out. The difference is 3X Kava will make you really drowsy but E has some cool stuff in it to make sure you don't end up like a cud chewing sloth.

If you have seen the Kids in the Hall, think of this as Biotest's version of Gleemenox, the caps are even going to be orange and the slogan is going to be, "Biotest Euphoria... makes it feel like it's 72 degrees in your head all the time!!!".

This is going to rock and be a serious supp.

My prediction (again) - hands down Biotest’s
biggest seller inside of a year.

Bong pipe and Cheetos are NOT included!!! -


Good. But I still want my Renegade Kit for Christmas.

This product sounds very interesting but I was wondering if it would need to be cycled. It seems that almost anything used over time has a diminishing effect and you have to take more to have the same effect. Will this product work this way?

Come on, Brock! Use your super powers for good instead of evil!!! Hahaha! Just kidding… well, sort of. Having been a pill-popper who ate benzos like candy (I eventually needed combinations of things like 50mg valium + 2mg of xanax just to feel anything!) and frequently had to ingest 8-14g of GHB to get buzzed, I know the allure of things used to mellow out, but I personally think that the odds are that 1 in 10,000 people who would buy this product would use it for the “purpose” of being an anti-stress, anti-catabolic agent, where almost everyone would use it just because it’d be a legal way to get fucked up. I’m not totally against such a thing, since I’m no angel by any standards, but I’d prefer to see something created that can assist me in my goals for improvement over something that is more than likely only going to make me worse off. But, perhaps it’s just me and maybe most of the people who would buy this thing would use it sparingly, but I’m not willing to put money on it. I know I’ll probably catch some flak from people who want to give me their reasons as to why they like to get trashed or whatever, but there’s no point in trying to justify them to me as I’ve been there, done that, and nothing good ever came of it for me. But, to each his own. I’m just voicing my opinion, and that’s about it. Take it or leave it.

True Flax, many people im sure will buy it to get trashed, as evident by the people who requested V1.0. But Brock said he is trying to make something that will lude you out without getting you totally wasted. I of course will give this product a shot when it comes out, but im not looking for anything more then something to settle the nerves, which is perfectly ok with me. I also have been known to indulge myself from time to time and as least for myself herbals just don’t hold a candle to pharmaceuticals. Large doses of Kava will take the edge off but that’s about it. Valerian makes me a little agitated and not sleepy at all (though Brock isn’t including this). I guess if your not used to the big guns, these things seem much more powerful. Probably why most “legal highs” don’t attract too much attention unless they are significantly powerful, in which case the powers that be will nab them first chance they get.

God, please hurry with this product. I am a programmer and on days that I dont lift, I come home from work mentally wiped but not physically. This makes for a hell of a time sleeping and I often resort to OTC sleep aids which help, but leave you feeling like a zombie the next day. This probably will be the hottest selling product Biotest puts out as it will appeal to a wider variety of people. Hopefully the one bad apple in the crowd doesnt abuse it and ruin a good thing. Keep up the good work!

Well, if it works as good as it sounds, I’ll probably use it about once a week. That’s about how often the stress sets in. I don’t think most T-mag/Biotest readers/users are the types to want to sit around wasted all the time. But to beat stress, yeah, I can deal with that. Anyone know whether this will be a pill or powder drink??

Brock, I beg you, come up with a different name for this product. I can see someone at the FDA catching wind of this, “hmmmm, Euphoria?Sounds a hell of a lot like… Ecstasy”. I doubt the people at the FDA want people experience Euphoria,seeing as their purpose in life is to make everyone else’s hell.

good point, flax,speaking of drugs what about xanax. , i did xanax with a few beers once and i couldn’t remember a thing the next day…of course xanax isn’t considered a date rape drug and you never hear about that, but then again the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of pull with the fda…anyway to the real issue, if you have ever suffered from anxiety or depression(i have) and if you can take a product that will cure this problem without major side-effects why not? i used to take renewtrient and thought it was manna from heaven, i never had a problem with it…but why, because a few morons screw it up for everybody else it shouldn’t be legal, i don’t think it’s fair for others that will use it properly… besides what is wrong with wanting to feel good, i mean isn’t that why we lift, eat well, and take supplements. i mean i would much rather see cigarettes and alcohol illegal. people die from that everyday, but a few out of the thousands of users of ghb/gbl die and it becomes illegal… all i can say is that i’ll be one of the first people to try the euphoria, and my prediction is that it will have fewer side effects and work better than something like xanax or paxil…sorry about the rant just needed to vent

Is there any danger to this supp.? Any thing like gbl/ghb products? When you say no alcohol with this it makes me wonder??