OK, all of you have valid points however, as
I have repeatedly said, I design supps with
“me” in mind so Euphoria (and we are keeping
the name cause it is catchy) is going to
be (this is what I am aiming for) similar to
a “1.0mg Xanax with no overt sleepiness or
fuzziness”…basically, as I have said before,
it’s a “chill pill”, something to take the
edge off.

Look, I could throw all sorts of
zonker shit in there and make it “Cerebral
Thanatosis Fuel” or something like that but
that’s not my personal goal.

It is meant for occassional use and it should
not be used with alcohol as alcohol could
intensify the effect of Euphoria (hence “E”).

I am using a new version now and I feel pretty good, I think I have a wee bit too much kava in it and I might back down on that a little but otherwise :-)

This brings up another point - I am CRAZY busy with stuff so if I am not on the board much, cut me some slack. This is on my plate:

1) Finalizing T-2!!! We have a small issue with it but it is coming, I am trying!!!

2) Euphoria - nuff said.

3) Renegade and GW kits.

4) Time to unload a bomb...I think I may have solved the "natural supplement antiestrogen issue" that the industry has been trying to solve for years. I stumbled across something naturally occuring that has just about the same exact effects as Clomid!!!

Don't ask, don't guess, I am not telling and this one is at least late April or early May before it happens.


What exactly are the Renagade and GW kits?

dogbitecat, they are a line of leather and rubber S&M gear. Only for the truly hardcore!

That’s fantastic news, Brock! Hopefully the antiestrogen will have better bioavailability than Chrysin did…

  1. Renegade and GW kits.

#3?!?! we need to get our priorities straight here Mr. Strasser.