Enough Experience for BBB Challenge?

[quote]TommyGoss wrote:

Sorry, I was thinking about January when I typed that. I actually mean by May. Which is a tad more reasonable going by the 2lbs a month rule. Also, I am not saying it’s a sure fire thing, it’s just a number that I am shooting for. I eat clean most of the time anyway. I want to stay around the same bodyfat, but maybe gain a little more.

This year I have gone from being skinny fat to gaining over 10 lbs of muscle, I am pretty sure. I guess that sounds weird but I am ok with gaining a tad bit of fat to the point of being big, but not a fat guy. I think I will do maybe a lower volume 5/3/1 first as you guys were saying, then do BBB a couple months later. Either way, I will read and devour the book. [/quote]

What I was told (I’m no expert on diet) was to aim for 12-15% body fat. In theory, if I’m at 15% there’s enough excess calories available with no real need to gain additional weight, and if I’m below 12% then it’s probably time to up the intake a little.

Personally, I really like this template. Using it taught me a lot about how to layout a program and maximize training with a minimal amount of exercises, and pretty much everything can be super-set with something else which really speeds up a workout. It’s based on BBB, but you could easily swap out the 5x10 sets for 5x5 @ 75%.