EMS protocols

I just got an EMS/TENS unit as a gift (a professional one - very good, lots of control over impulses). Unfortunately, the manual that came with it is not very helpfull. I know somebody mentioned that Charlie Francis was going to have an article coming out soon, but I can’t wait till then. I want to play with it now ! Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of protocols to use for say a TENS session (frequency to use etc) or for a muscle building session ie. frequency, length of impulse, length of rest period.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob, I dont know what frequencies, but they are pretty shitty for straight muscle building. They are better suited indirectly, using them for rehab, and to pump blood into the muscles ala active restoration to greatly improve recovery.

DMAN, I know of the many uses for them, but what I am realy looking for is protocols. What frequency (40 - 160HZ) do you use for say rehab and what length of time for contraction and length of time for rest. I know you can use them for something equivalent to massage, but what frequencies would you use it at for that purpose.

I dont know if this will match up to your kit but heres an Excerpt that i paraphrased from THE SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF STRENGTH TRAINING (169) called the Russian protocol
Carrier sinusoidal or triangle, freq above 2,500Hz, modulation 50Hz, Duty Cycle 50%, stimulus amplitude to tolerance generally, contraction time 10 s, rest between contractions 50s, number of contractions 10 a day, times per week-5.