Egg whites

Any suggestions on the best way to prepare/consume? They don’t exactly have the greatest consistency when cooked so should I blend with whole eggs or down them uncooked?

Bodyguard…I like to hard-boil my eggs. I’ll separate the yolks from the whites. I’ll eat two yolks (the kind higher in omega-3s) and I cut the whites in halves or quarters and eat 'em with oatmeal. Plain oatmeal’s kinda bland, so I mix in some spray butter, splenda and maple flavoring extract. Pretty tasty. You can hard-boil a bunch at a time, peel 'em and stick 'em in a container in the fridge.

Great tasting recipe:
Strawberry Egg White Pancakes
8 egg whites
1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal
2 tsp cinnamon
4 Tablespoons pancake mix
8 Tbs low sugar strawberry preserves (could use less)

Mix all ingredients in blender. Medium heat w/ Pam or vegetable oil. Pour mixture on pancake griddle or pan and cook approximately 4-5 minutes. Turn over 3-4 more minutes. Great tasting and easy to bag up and take with you.

Calories 450 Fat 2.4 grams Cholesterol 0 Protein 35 grams

Read that “short topic” article at T-mag about food. Get some of those All Whites things that TC and Chris talk about. These are great!

Don’t eat your egg whites uncooked. Apart from the potential safety issue, they contain avidin which binds to biotin, an important B-group vitamin. As I understand it cooking the eggs destroys the avidin.

I was referring to the pasteurized carton kind, so wouldn’t any of the health risks be eliminated?

Bodyguard- Yes, egg substitutes and the Whites Only product are both pasteurized so they’re safe to drink down raw. I’ve been doing it for years. And no, a couple of yolks isn’t going to hurt you at all. They need to be cooked, though.

There was a study published in the joural of nutrition (128, 1716-1722, 1998) that showed that cooked eggs were 91% digestible while uncooked were only 51% digestible. Therefore egg protein in it’s undenatured (uncooked) form is largely undigestible and unabsorbable. COOK THOSE EGGS!

I’ve been eating them raw as well. It’s quick and easy. try eating 15 eggs cooked, it will fill you up like balloon. Remember that you only get like 3-4 grams of protein per egg.

If the digestability is 51 % for raw eggs and 91% for cooked eggs, isn t it possible to compensate for the lower digestability by simply drinking more raw eggs? I drink 30 raw omega eggs a day.(my cholesterol is fine)30 raw ones=15 cooked ones? I ve also heard that the fat in the eggs becomes more nosive to your health if you cook them. Changes the fat somehow…?

How in the world can you eat 15 or more eggs at one time? I would start puking after 10. I’ve been working hard on getting my protein up, and I’ve found that boiled eggs are quick and easy. I boil a bunch at night and then have them whenever I need them.

Get yourself an Eggwave. You can put 2 eggwhites in each microwaveable container (comes with 2 containers). Throw them in the microwave and cook for 50 to 60 seconds. You can add in a yolk and shake the container before cooking to make scrambled eggs. Hell yoyu can even put in some bits of meat and vegetables to make an omlet. The best part is you don’t need to use PAM, or butter. When your done throw the containers in the dishwasher.Makes life easy. You can get one at Bed,Bath, and Beyond or Lechters for like 12-14 bucks.

Yeah, well it doesn’t make life easy when the Egg Wave explodes in the microwave. And without a dishwasher, the regular clean-up sucks too.

I’m gonna break the rules here and disagree with some pretty intelligent guys who’ve posted already, and tell you not to consume egg whites. Yolks are the greatest! Think about it, how does a chicken embryo get its nutrients to grow? Not from the whites! Is your physique not analagous to an embryo growing into its mature state-- i.e., a mass of lean muscle? Eat those yolks! And also, I’m gonna disagree with some other pretty intelligent guys like Ori Hofmeleker and say that you need to cook just about everything you eat. Cooking foods is nothing more than pre-digesting them-- when you cook, its less taxing on your body. The exception here is fruit… you don’t need to cook fruit because its sorta already been cooked-- by the sun! So, its no surprise to me that scientific evidence reveals that less egg is digested in its uncooked state. Little of anything is digested properly whenever it’s uncooked!

I am in harmony with my man Booga, in that you should consume a couple yolks, anyway. This is coming from a fatphobic, mind you. I personally buy regular and the omega-3 enriched eggs. I eat the whites from the regulars and both the white and yolk from the omega-3s. The omega-3s are high in vitamin E, have 100mg of omega-3s (I believe regs have ~35mg), and are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Booga’s right. This is something that nobody knows but is an undeniable fact. The yoke has more protein that the white. I’ve consumed the yoke from 15 eggs/day and my cholesterol is excellent. My doctors reasoning: “you must break down the cholesterol differently than the average person” while he might have a point, I think your workout has a lot to do with it. You just have to work out really hard. By the way I also eat my eggs raw. Have been eating for the past ten years. Never have I had any trouble.

You know Jake, I found that if you use your fork to poke a few holes in your egg, it doesn’t blow up in the micro… I definately hear you on the cleaning up part… that is quite the bitch… I just scraped my change together and bought 3 egg waves so that I don’t have to clean one of those things everytime I want eggs…

What the hell? I must say that I disagree with some of the previous posts on egg yolks being good. Look, eggwhites have no fat or cholesterol. And, in case you haven’t noticed, Boogabrain, we’re not chicken embryos- We’re bodybuilders! You should make a logical argument to support your position, but the thing is that logic is on my side on this one. Science, not poetry, backs my argument. The fact is yolks are high in cholesterol and fat and whites are pure protein!

Diabolic- even the American Heart Association and all these uptight government groups say a couple of yolks a day is fine. Fat is not the enemy. Read the “Fat Roundtable” article at T-mag and the articles on the Anabolic Diet.

Actually, Diabolic, he’s right… A little fat won’t hurt you… And since you appear to be a member of the “old School” of bodybuilding this might just make you think about eating them: Arnold ate yolks. And what do you mean about poetry? I just added a little common sense to the argument, that’s all.