Effective Strength and Nutrition Program?

I have broken my leg in a football game and want to keep as much strength as possible and even gain upper body strength, if not lower body strength as well. I heard if I workout my good leg, it will help so my other does not atrophy. Does anyone have a killer approximately 8-12 week program, which they feel would be most beneficial for me. I’m looking for a football d-lineman specific workout. Thanks!

is your name Matt and you got to Horizon by any chance?

I feel for ya, bro! In April I broke my right leg playing football also. It was a nasty spiral break just above the ankle. Needed an eight inch plate and 10 screws. I had to be on crutches 2.5 months. One thing you need is good nutrition. I made the mistake of doing 3 wks of fat fast. I made my bf goals but delayed the healing process. As far as training my left leg, it got such a workout just getting off the can and getting around there was no way I would have done extra work. I gained some size and alot of strength in my left leg and the right one still shrank some. After I was able to walk on both I got my strength back quickly, but was about 2-3 months till the size all came back.