Drugs and Training

How does taking Oxandrolone vs Winstrol differ? My thoughts are that oxandrolone increases the amount of creatine phosphate (CP) within the myocyte whereas Winstrol is better towards actually increasing the amount of contractile protein. It seems that both are pretty good at increasing relative strength but if I were to take a look at this situation btwn drugs I would choose Winstrol if brief types of strength (explosive strength/starting strength) were the main goals of training. Your thoughts would be appreciated on this matter. Also, the use of a androgenic drug (test suspension) in small does would seem appealing for the aspect of rate coding with the goals of training outline above. Is the positive affect of test (suspension/propionate/enthanate - doesn’t really matter I guess now does it provided that the same amount is being metabolized in the same time period) due to the benefits of androgens on the snaptic (sp?) cleft or motor end plate? Thank you for your time and effort regarding this matter.

I would be interested to know why you feel (other than because it says so in World Anabolic Review or other such popular book, without evidence) that oxandrolone has any unusual properties with regard to creatine phosphate that other androgens don’t. I’m not aware of any evidence that that is true.

Doesn’t mean that there isn’t any, but I have
spent years looking for kinds of information like that so if it’s there it’s obscure and I’d appreciate knowing. My guess though it is that this is just another “steroid book” myth.

Quite commonly these books latch onto a trait that ALL androgens have, but make it sound like it is a peculiar
property of one or two particular ones… Like, “Oral Turinabol acts on the brain…”

Well, all androgens act on the brain, so what else is new? :slight_smile: But they make it sound like a big thing. There are lots of examples like that. You get the impression from these books that you’d have to stack 10 different steroids to make sure you got all of these allegedly-unique effects. Not so.

Mr Roberts,

The only evidence that I would be able to give is that when using oxandrolone the work capacity (% of RM relative to 100%) increases. I’ve also noticed that you don’t get a that much (signicantly noticeable) increase in the way of muscle glycogen storage (“pump”). Maybe it has more to do with the parameters of training (>85% doesn’t elicit that kind of effect). This is just a practical observation. I’m not trying to defend this premise because I don’t know if that premise is true or not. I just observe that Winstrol seems to be superior in LBM gains and relative strength and power increases. Example a la Ben Johnson. For a man to be 175lbs and be able to do the kinds of performances in the weight room which was only supplementary to sprinting is truely amazing. It might be because of the type of training he did. Who knows for sure. I’m just trying to understand things and hopefully you could give me some insight to why.

Thank you for your time and efforts.