Dosing...In General

Is dosing on supps’ based on any particular body weight? It seems to me supps should be dosed by body weight/size rather than a generic “take 2, 3 times a day”. Any ideas?


In general, yes, though for supplements in
the bodybuilding field, the recommended
dosage is for the average sized guy who lifts weights, so most don’t need to adjust for size. Guys who are true monsters, or unusually small, should make an adjustment.

So is 240lbs a “monster” or on the high end? I would hate to be getting less than optimal effect from my supps.

Good old Bill Phillips once said that suggested dosing was based on the average 180 pound bodybuilder. I usually take slightly more than the recommended dose on supplements since I usually weigh 240-plus year round.

240 lb justifies using 1/3 or 50% more dosing than recommended for the average guy, unless
the person is considerably overfat, in which case the average dosing will be fine. (Fat weight doesn’t require or use the supplements.)

Thanks Bill, I know the idea is to learn enough to think on your own but I need to split one hair here. I’ve only ever as far as regular testing even when bike racing gotten as low as 18% or so BF. I’m now at around 20% and 245lbs and seem alittle stuck here. I have gone from around 30% last fall to where I am now! Did fat fast for a month and lost 3% BF.
So anyway would 245lbs approx. 20% BF is that still average dosing?
Thanks again.
PS Just got a box of Grow packets and some Advanced Protein for my afternoon and before bed feedings. Tastes good.

Maybe that would be like 25%-33% bigger than average in terms of LBM, so 25%-33% more dosing. Dosing isn’t exact anyway – there’s a range
where it starts getting not worth the extra
cost because the benefits are diminishing, or if the limiting factor is side effects (as with say ephedrine) where the side effects start getting bothersome, and individual variation is really quite a bit more than 25%, so it’s more a question of finding what seems right to you. But as a starting point, sure, on average a guy your size ought to use a little more than most do.