Does Creatine Go Bad (expire)?

i was just wondering how long an open container of creatine will stay fresh for or if it will go bad after a certain period of time. also, the same thing with an opened container of whey protein. thanks for the help , Nic

When you say “open container”, I assume you mean the seal has been broken. Most good quality creatine products have expiration dates. The shelf life is usually a couple of years. However, make sure the creatine is stored in a dry, cool place, out of extreme heat or humidity.

Creatine isn’t as much of a problem as the sugars that are added to many products. If you have a creatine product that includes some sort of transport agent, it’s a form of sugar. The sugar will “go bad” long before the creatine. You’ll usually be able to tell when this happens, because the powder will begin to darken slightly.

As the others have said creatine should be fine for a long time if stored properly. Whey can go stale but again a cool dry place will extend the life of the product. I’d usually suggest that you use it fairly quickly once opened though.