do I have an inguinal hernia--->scared

hey guys,

has anyone out there had an inguinal hernia (the kind where there is a tear in the muscle covering the inguinal canal-- where the testes descend in a developing fetus)?

I think I’ve got one, and I’ll tell you why…

warning: graphic content below

when I am having sex, particularly in missionary/me on top-her on her back positions, and it’s hard porno bangin style… I’ve had my right testicle ascend into somwhere that isn’t where it should be…

it doesn’t hurt or anything… but it sure as hell stops the game and waits for things to get repositioned for a second… which is kind of embarassing/ ackward to explain… it’s happened periodically over the past year…but has recently gotten worse (last 3 months)

I think it developed from a short 6mo period of powerlifting, which culminated in squating 405 without a belt… and think the physical stress of powerlifting may have damaged my body in more than one way (wiggling under weight put me in bed for a week, and my back has never been the same)

I haven’t gone to the doctor because:
1.) I’m a college student working to support myself, and time off of work means no rent money
2.) I’m a college student and time off of class means a compromised ability to attend my classes
3.) I’m a college student: there’s always a holiday and social event to attend see #5
4.) I don’t want to spend half a year not being able to work out
5.) I’m a college student: spontaneous ability to have sex is kind of important

I haven’t felt any lumps, except for those that occur from the testicular ascention…

does anyone have insite into inguinal hernias or my experience? and do you know how long I’ll be down (gym-wise, class-wise, sex-wise)?
I’m a biochem/biology major, so don’t worry about simplying a technical explanation (i’ve had A&P, et c.)

Ok I’ll respond because I’m having surgery for this on wed. I’m also a college student and I waited until christmas break to do the surgery so I wouldn’t have any issues with work or school. Here’s my symptoms and how I knew it was an issue…First off I’ve had this for a few years, it comes and goes but would show up sometimes after sex, never during. I’d occasionally get really bad pain on the left side particularly if we were doing it “porno banging style.” Anyway, I started lifting heavy for the first time in 5 yrs and it started showing up regularly especially when I’d deadlift heavy. There was a little pain but I did have a big bulge probably the size of a golfball or a little larger so I finally decided to get it checked out, had it confirmed, and scheduled the surgery. Since I’ve been on break I haven’t lifted in 3 weeks and it’s been gone during that time. If your doctor confirms it just wait until your next break and schedule it then. Yes it’ll suck giving up spring break but you need to prioritize.

Head over to or elitefts message boards and search for inguinal hernia. It won’t be half a year until you can work out again, but you definately would want to abstain from heavy lifting for 1-2 months. I plan to work with jumpstretch bands and a light kb during that off time. That’s all the advice I can give you.