Dip Pains

yea so i follow Chad Waterburys hammer down strength
if you dont know what that is, its here:

i use it, like it a lot, and even microload down to a lb and jack it up as much as possible between sets/workouts like he wants (doesn’t mean i can everytime, just sayin)

but whenever i do dips, it hurts the next day, for a while afterward. it feels like my pec minor is hurt or something.

im writing this on thurs, and i even skipped dips last fri, so its been almost 2 weeks since i last did em and i stretch my clavicle by putting my right hand behind my left shoulder and pushing, i still feel pain.

so my question is, wtf why?

if it makes any difference, my gym doesn’t allow a dip belt so i put a dumbbell between my feet. my ROM goes all the way down until gravity dont let me go any lower. and i use a wide grip to hit my pecs.

if nothing else, is there a powerful chest excercise, cause dips and decline are the most powerful i know