Dieting for Beginners

I’ve gone back and read many of the diet articles in the archives, but I still am perplexed by one thing. That is what diet is the best for beginners? I guess i’m asking what kind of diet did most of you guys get on when you were just starting. I have gotten the whole training thing down ,but I am still trying to fugure out what is the best way to configure my diet. BTW: My main goal is to lose some fat ,and get into a healthy style of eating. Thanks for all your input guys.

Start with the article “Foods that make you look good nekid!” That will steer you in the right direction of what you should or shouldn’t be eating.

From there, it’s pretty common sense. Eat plenty of lean meats, good fats, vegetables and fruits. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, too many crappy carb sources, etc. Eat at LEAST 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, take in a few less calories in order to lose weight and increase your exercise activity level (weight training and cardio).

If you really want a diet, then read Massive Eating but use the Don't Diet version. If you are a beginner and don't have a large amount of fat to lose, then the T-dawg diet and the Fat Fast will most likely be too extreme. So just get into the habit of making better nutritional decisions. Things should fall into place. Keep reading as much as you can to learn more about how and why things work.

There is not “best diet” for a beginner.
How much fat do you have to loose?
What is you body fat percentage?
What type of training are you doing?
What are your goal/plans?
Answer these questions first, then learn about the popular diets out there.

I like the T-Dawg Diet, give it a shot.

Eat 10xbw in pounds kCal per day. Eat 1.5 g/lb protein, eat 60-70 g fat (2/3 of which in form of flax oil and various nuts), eat 50 to 100 g carbs. Eat six or more meals, first one when you wake up, last one immediately before going to sleep. During your workout days, eat only veggies as a carb source. After working out, drink immediately 40 g whey protein drink, 40-50 g highGI carbs (glucose,maltodextrin,rice cake). Work out for 45 to 60 minutes keeping rest between sets below 30-60 seconds, warm up on a bike for 10 minutes, stretch, do 20 minutes of cardio after the workout. Keep sets below 25-30 and reps within 12-15 range. Take 5 g creatine every day. Drink so much water you have to go piss every half an hour. Sleep 8 or more hours. Take multivitamin, C+E vitamin and 5 g creatine every day. If you want, add 3x25 mg ephedrine and 3x200 mg caffeine every day and possibly some low dose thyroid hormone (T2 in recommended dosage or 10 to 20 ug T3). Get back to me in two months and tell me how much fat you lost - this is all you need to know. When you become more advanced and knowledgeable, include some form of anabolic support, be it steroids or (Biotest :slight_smile: prohormones.