Im new to this board. My current diet is a low card high protein one. I usually eat tuna, egg whites, and protein shakes for my protein sources during the day. I usually eat what my mom makes for dinner which is usually rice beans fish, or chicken. The deit was great for a while but is starting to stagnate. Anyone know of any good ones, that goes easy on college kids wallet.

Hi! I’m the FAQ. Please read me. (And telling the readers your goals would help too. Do you train?)

As a broke college student who drives a forklift to earn gravy money, I’ll tell you what I do. Buy massive amounts of dairy products. Go for fat free or high fat-- cottage cheese comes in 0 and 4 %, get both. Tuna is good, but cheap beef like chuck steak will keep you from losing your mind. Man can eat much tuna, yes, but his mind starts to numb and his senses dull… Bread, rice, and bananas are my carb choices, with walnuts, pecans, animals as fats. Milk can be salvation. All this stuff is cheap.