Diet Summary

This post was originally meant to answer a question about the Anabolic Diet, but it ended up being a nice summary of all the major fat loss diets posted in T-mag.

These diets are in order from easiest to hardest (at least in my opinion.) All are effective, but I think the further you go down the list the faster the diet may be. So, top of the list= easy and effective. Bottom of the list= harder, but maybe faster, and effective. Here’s goes:

  1. T-Dawg Diet (issue 83 and 86)

  2. Anabolic Diet, cutting phase (issue 69 and 71)

  3. Delta 1250, modified ABCDE diet (issue 59)

  4. The MRP Diet (issue 102)

  5. The Warrior Diet, modified version (issue 64, 67)

  6. Fat Fast (issue 107 and 113)

    No one diet works for everyone, of course, but how about we share some feedback about the programs above. Which worked best for you? Which didn’t? Any tips?

I’ve tried the last three on your list and actually these difficult ones were pretty easy for me. My eight week cycle of the Warrior Diet was very convenient. I’m very busy at work and I have no time to think about food. So undereating or fasting for eight to ten hours is a piece of cake. Overeating, as long as I keep carbs from 0 to 100 grams a night, is very convenient because I don’t need to count calories. Using German Body Comp, I lost about 1.5 pounds a week.

I then went into a four-week run of Fat Fast. With MD-6 and occassional caffeine drinks, I was rarely hungry. Not eating was very liberating. Moreover, I felt healthier because my body didn’t spend so much energy on my digestive system. It’s like the diet cleaned out my body, similiar to what thereaputic fasting does for you. I lost no lbm. I lost 12 pounds of fat. Now at 9% BF.

When I got off Fat Fast, I immediately used a modified version of the MRP diet for a week. On Fat Fast, my body produced less digestive enzyems and therefore just taking in maintenance calories in solid foods can give you stomach cramps (and possibly get you fat). Under the MRP diet, I consumed sufficient calories w/o problems because my body absorbed liquids easier. As the week went on, I slowly increased my solid food intake and decreased my MRP meals, and now I can “eat normally.” It’s Monday and I’m now back on the Warrior Diet.

I’ve done the Fat Fast once w/o Androsol with excellent results. I am now trying it with Androsol. I expect to lose fat as quickly as Brock reported that he did. I’ve done Body Opus many times and it is the next best thing to the Fat Fast.

Over the past few years i’ve been a lab rat, trying different diets and comparing. since last fall i’ve been on the AD diet and for the last 3 weeks on the Fat Fast diet. Along the way i’ve modified a few things to see what response I would get. After reading Dr. Pasqual book I was all hypped up about it. Did a month on maintenance phase then on mass phase, until my target weight. At the beginning I was at 165 lbs, 6% body fat, my mass phase stoped at 190 lbs ( from november to feburary). But I became a fat basterd! But the strenght gains were great ( I was on GVT 10 sets of 5)every week I would had 5 lbs to every exercices ( medium grip pull up, incline DB press, incline DB curl, dips…). Supplement : vit. C, E, multi; flax seed oil.

Here’s what I’d do:
Supplement: - vit. c,E, multi vit/mineral
- MB? ( during fat lost phase)
oil : flax seed, grape seed, safflower mixture. I would increase the use of this oil mixture to about 50% of my total fat intake.
Cut out the bacon and lower the cheese.
I would eat a big bowl of mixte veges at lunch and supper, with my protein and fat.
Take fiber twice a day ( before bed time and before super) although I did not experience any problems…
Carbs: well I can not go below 30 grams ( bad experience…) I found that 50 to 70 grams gave the best results. Plus take a post-meal drink. On wednesday morning take a carb drink ,100 grams about, then resume normal AD eating after.
As for the super take a ISOCALORIE meal.
Week-end: One day of ISOCALORIE eating if you want to minimize fat buildup or have two days if you don’t care about turning into a fat basterd.
That’s it. The reason for little supplement is that you get such a great T increase that no use of buying more. If your single and have no girl to releave your sexual desire DO NOT TAKE TRIBEX… Man it can be very very very frustating. I mean, I got multiple Mr penis erection durin the day (without TRIBEX and when I added TRIBEX : multiple erection every hour!!! not to good when there’s no girl to releave your constant desire…)

For the bad experience: I tried to go zero carb, can you say total lost of hornyness and suffered testicular shrinkage, not good. Came back to normal after I got carb over 30 grams a day.

FAT FAST diet: Amazing! Lost 5 lbs in a week , but I won’t go on it longer then 2 weeks a time, by the third day I had lost all of my hornyness and suffered ball shrinkage. After 2 weeks I increase carb to just over 30 grams, haaaaaaaaa balls are back to normal and my hornynes level is back up close to normal.

I think who ever gives these recommendation a try will like the results. Good luck to you all.
P.S. If you have a girl, you should warn her about all the sex she’ll be getting (alot more than with just TRIBEX).

OK. Here it goes.

I have been for the last month on a strict no-carb program – I doubt I have a minor Candida Albicans excess in my system, and wanted to starve it to the maxx.

So it’s been one month, and I have not taken “carbs” (sugar, pastries, flours, etc.) the only ones that came in my system were from broccoli or lettuce. I ate whey protein + cream, tuna + flax /olive oil and other similar “pro-keto” meals.

One month later - No muscle mass lost!
Go figure! Remember I did not “carb load” once in a month.

Guess it goes back to the old idea eh - the body adapts to whatever you CONSISTENTLY give it huh ?

I felt shitty during the first days, but after that energy was constant and mood too. Started carbing up after a month because of stomach aches (not cravings).

Just my 2 cents. Dan C.