Diet ideas or reccomendations

ok heres the scoop, im looking to drop about 30 lbs of fat off of my frame while losing as little muscle as possible. Ive looked at a few diets posted on here but there is one problem that i dont particularly like their KETOGENIC. i dont like the idea of cuttin my carbs for three reasons: it makes me feel like a piece of crap, im at college and my main source of protein is and will be skim milk so no carbs wont work, and three i dont like the idea of cutting carbs and losing weight just to go back eating carbs when the diet is over and gaining the weight back and then some. Im satisfied if the weight loss is slower but longer lasting and dont gain it back with moderate eating. Do you all have any ideas of aspecific diet i could follow. i just fifnished a fina cycle so i dont want to lose that muscle i earned. Im 6’0 about 263 now im big and have lots of muscle but i do have alot of fat to go with it
(my arms are close to 18 inches about 17 1/2 if you count the skin you can pinch on my bi and tri combined. I have 3 bottles of tribex on the way, 2 bottles of md6, one zma,and a bootle of vitex as well as protein powders to toy with but i prefer to stay away from the powders as much as possible because ill only mix them with skim milk, cause water tastes like a pice of ass mixed with powder and i dont have a fridge to keep milk in but taking powder and mixing it at the cafe would be and idea. any body help with a specific diet thats non ketogenic or could u help with a calculation of many calories i should eat to lose weight. thanx

If you eat less calories then you use you will lose weight.
Just cut back some of the carbs (500-800 kcal) and you will loose some fat in a steady pace.

Try Melt-down training in conunction with methoxy-7 or androsol, MD6 and T2. Also try either the T-dawg diet or John Berardi’s Son’t diet plan.

how do i determine my daily maintenence caloric intake

Your daily maintenance caloric intake (see the second question & answer)

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Also try AP taste great with just water.

If your protein powder tastes like shit in water, then you’re using the wrong brand of protein powder. Advanced Protein is great in water.

u also have to figure that i have to acees to a blender either i need a spoon mixer powder

Off topic, but if you guys don’t use a Thunderstick to mix your shakes… you ought to. It’s basically a one beater mixer deal… but its like a tornado. They’re quick as hell and so much easier to clean than a blender… just run it under water for a sec. Probably about 20-25 bucks whereever.