Weight loss

I need help!! I have tryed everything to lose weight and i allways fail. I was wondering if someone who knows a good program could help me out. I am 19 ,weigh 250lbs i am 5’11 but i have a big frame and alot of muscle but i need to lose alot of fat too.I work out every second day. I would like to get down to the 200lb mark where i think i would look great. I was wondering if anyone could lay out like a daily diet for me. Just tell me what to eat in a day and i will eat it. And in my case would cardio be of any good. Thank you for any help.

At T-mag, go to the previous issues section or search engine and find “The Diet Manifesto” and the “The Missing Ingredient” (current issue). That should get you started.

I can identify with your situation. Unfortunately there aren’t any easy answers. You have to do what is best for you. I use a low carb diet 24x7x365. I do low carb, because I can eat real food, eat at restaurants, and still maintain my diet. For these reasons, its something I can live with. Also you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. There’s a lot of good diet information on these pages so just search around, read up, and decide which program you can live with.
I strongly recommend cardio. It has really helped to speed my progress. I would recommend you get outside, run, inline skate, whatever, fits your lifestyle and make it fun. Good luck.

I am also 19, i lost 44lbs in 2 mounths from the fat fast diet by brock.

If you could just take one hour, read the T-Dawg diet, and Massive Eating (use the principles, not the equations) and combine the two, but limit carbs to under 70grams a day total, workout shake or not. Keep protein at 1.5 times your bodyweight.
Cardio should be done no less than twice a week, but no more than four to maintain muscle mass. Lifting should be done with 10-12 reps, and using supersets, trisets, and that kind of stuff. Rest between sets shouldn’t be more than one minute. Don’t lift for any longer than one hour per session, but not less than 40 minutes. Hit abs before the workout and lower back after the workout, if you feel you need it (don’t go too heavy on lower back). Keep lifting to 4 times a week.
Some Biotest supplements might be of interest too. I believe in MD6 to decrease appitite, Androsol to maintain muslce mass. T2, Tribex, Methoxy, and ZMA have produced no noticable results, although I’m sure results aren’t really “noticable” with ZMA anyway, you just have to take the research with a grain of salt. Ok… Ok I’m done now.

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listen I feel ya’ I realy feel ya’, don’t believe people that tell you how hard it is or how diff everyone is, just stop eating so much, I know that sounds like I’m preaching but the trueth is if you eat less you will loose wt. keep your protien high and your carbs down and keep lifting HEAVY and you WILL loose wt. but the fact is it is not so hard, you don’t have to count everything all you have to do is try to eat protien and cut back on the shit and you WILL get in shape