Developing Power

Fellow T-men, I want to work on developing power (explosive power) as opposed to just strength or size. I was considering doing something along the lines of GV2K except speeding up the tempo quite a bit. Will this technique help to develop explosive power or is there a better method for this type of goal?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The “X-Comp Training” article at T-mag would be better for you. Maybe that new article by Staley too.

generally speaking I don’t think that this would be the best program for power development. Generally speaking you will want to use either heavy weights <5RM to develop maximal strength as one aspect of power. Also you’ll want to use some kind of accellerative movement with a light weight. 50-60% of 1RM. also I would generally think that GVT would be too high a volume for power improvements for most people, good luck moving with exelleration by the 7th set. Unless you used 10sets of 3 or something. Another thing to think about is to use big compound movements for power development. hope this helps.

Hey Rob, Alex is on point. I’d like to add a few things for you. plyomtrics. hang cleans. some type of sprint training. keep your gym time at an hour or less. you wont gain much weight, and you’ll get that explosive power your lookng for.

Hang cleans, Plyometrics, heavy benches and squats done explosively. Low reps and high weights.

Hi Rob. If you want all-out power, GV2K isn’t really the route you want to go. You’d be better off w. a 5/5 approach focusing on the basics i.e. squat, cleans, deads, shrugs, etc. GV2K is specifically a hypertrophy program; however, you might cycle over to it after doing the power stuff for a while. Check out Bill Starr’s The Strongest Shall Survive. He is one of the pioneers of the 5/5 and he utilizes a heavy/light/med. approach centered around the legs and back, which are obviously your power areas. Good luck!

If you want explosive power, you can certainly either try the X-Comp training or even a straight Westside program. Check out the periodization articles by Dave Tate at t-mag and his website for more info on how they structure their programs.
These are both good options and people respond well to them. If you want another one, try this. Go no higher than 6 reps in your training at all. On leg days, do some Olympic lifting (cleans and snatches) before you do your deadlifting and squatting. On upper body days, incorporate some upper body plyometric training, medicine ball work, and of course use only explosive speeds. I would rather see you alternate 3 weeks of this type of training with a general hypertrophy program with reps between 6 and 10 using accentuated pauses, but your goals are a little unclear. You also sound like a relative beginner (I may be wrong), so I question whether you have enough experience to do olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts correctly. If this is the case, you probably also won’t respond very well to heavy weights. If you are in fact a beginning trainee, you would do better to develop a base of hypertrophy in a more balanced program before you move on to power training.

Westside does 8 sets of 3 reps with 60-67% max to develope explosive strength. GVT - is not your BEST option, very heavy weights & low reps just doesn’t cut it either(can’t move the bar FAST). Do yourself a BIG favor and order a Westside tape. You"ll thank me later!