Deadlifts over Squats

What do you guys think of deadlifts for the primary leg movement instead of squats? Would the legs get enough stimultation? Also, which style of squat would be best for legs? I’ve been deadlifting heavy for a few weeks now, and I’m definetly using legs heavily.

Deadlifts do work your legs, but you are definitley not getting the full range of motion needed. Squats will work your entire leg, plus your glutes. Squats is a definite must when it comes to having big legs and being a big lifter. My squat is usually thighs parallel to the floor.

Why do either/or when you can combine both movements in one? Have you tried trap bar dead lifts? It’s a cross between the dead lifts and squatting and is extra safe on your back. I find both deads and squats awquard because of my height/leg length but can max out safely on trap bar deads. Mucho recomendo.

What are they?

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Pat, that’d be Mucho recomiendo with an i before the second e as recomendir is a spelling-change verb. Sorry, it’s just Timbo estudiente espanol speaking.

replace squats? are you trying to make a powerlifter cry? how dare you there is no replacement friend. deads do work the legs but depending on how you squat and i assume its not the powerlifter way or you wouldnt want to abolish the squat. but the squats with a shoulder width stance can blast the quads and glutes deads are mostly back and hamms and every other muscle you didnt think you had.

I’ve squatted for most of my training life (about 10 years), and I don’t think there is a real substitute for adding mass to your quads. After getting a little burned out on squats, though, I did switch to a leg workout centered around deads, and I have been able to maintain development in my quads and add chunks of mass to my entire posterior chain.

I’ve been squatting for a few years now, but I can’t seem to get a narrow stance going. I fall forward or the heels come up. I’m tall- 6’3", and I can get ass to the ground with wide stance/ powerlifting squats.

Edge, I don’t think that there is really much way to avoid forward bend on narrow stance squats. I’m 5’10" and bend as much as 45 degrees on narrow squats. Narrow stance squats really hammer my quads so I love to do them but I also like Hack squats and front squats. Either of those may work better for you although I would also try narrow stance with a board or weight plates under your heels.

What are trap bar deads???

Jude, trap bar deads are deadlifts performed with a “trap bar”. Its a hexagonal shaped bar that you stand inside. This allows you to keep the load centered with the midline of the body. I really like trap bar deads, and your shins don’t get mangled either.

Trap bar deadlifts are definitely easier on the lower back, but they really don’t hit the posterior chain like regular deads. The movement is actually quite similar to the dumbbell squat. Since you’re trunk is more upright, the quads are involved to a greater degree.

Thanks those sound great because I have a very bad lower back due to previous injury and also I did regular deads yesterday and my shins are horibly bruised.