Daft speed fat loss/Critique

I had been bulking very succesfully for the last couple of months, and now due to having a photograph of me being cut to shreds mailed to the entire company! A week ago I started a full on fat fast. I need some general pointers as I have never tried to lose weight so fast, ever! Right, I have the final 3 weeks of Ian Kings workout, plus 2* leg workouts. 15 mins of HIT skipping after each workout. Diet wise - fat fast. 3*protein shake with flax+fish caps, a small steak, a couple of eggs and some peanut butter. Supplement wise, androsol, ZMA, New Methoxy, Thermonol XS-(ma huang, caffiene, guggul, yohimbe, bioperine, forskholi, tyrosene), vitex and tribex. Is there anything else I can do, I know there are some experienced fat fasters here - I have read a load of past posts on L-Carnitine, with mixed results - would bunging this into the mix help at all? I cant get anything ‘dodgy’ at the moment, but I think I have all my bases covered. Anyone with tips as I currently have 20 days lefts to go on this bad boy!