Cycle info

Hey T-men, I just recently aquired some sust, and deca. I was wondering how much of each i should take each week. Also is there any other substitutes for clomid? Do i need somthing like clomid? Thnx for the help guys!

Try 600mgs test with 400mgs per deca per week. Yes you’ll need clomid… 50 mgs per day.

doug’s cycle would work, but if you have amps of Sust250, then 500mg/wk would make more sense. so try this: 500mg Sust/wk & 400mg Deca/wk for 8-12 weeks. YES, get clomid before you start this cycle.

I’d probably try to locate some Xandrox for your hair… finasteride is a no-go with Deca, so you’ll need something topical. Minoxidil would be okay too, but it’s not so great for a receding hair line. I think it’s used mostly for the scalp. Adding a little Winstrol or D-bol kicker would probably help out this stack too. I’d go 30mgs of winny per day…