Deca Confusion

I plan to do my first cycle of deca 300-400 mg/week for 6-8 weeks with clomid all the way through and 3 weeks after the last injection. Is there any need to taper off Deca and is there anything else I should add such as HCG or would nolva be better during the cycle and clomid after? I don’t want to risk gyno at all. Thanks

You are not going to get gyno grom that small of a cycle of deca. Don’t start clomid until your week you end your cycle. Don’t taper off EVER. Weather your body has 100mg’s of deca or 500mg’s, it’s all the same. It still reads anabolic overdrive, which means your body is not or bairly producing T. So why sacrifice gains by lowering dosage. hope this helps.

You will almost certainly not get Gyno from the Deca alone, at that dosage, but it would be nice to have a bit of Winny on hand. Nolva won’t do a thing if you are doing Deca only. I also think that some D-bol or a bit of test would be a nice addition, especially if you’ve got a girlfriend :] but you would need nolva in that case. And yeah, I agree definately don’t taper.

my only suggestion is to use some kind of progestin antagonist with your cycle, such as winstrol. deca can bind to progestin receptors and lead to bad things in that light. either way, stack the deca with something either winstol or plain old test.

I guess from your post that either you have never done deca before or you don’t have a girlfriend/wife. Doing Deca without any “T” you are more than likely going to suffer from the dreaded Deca Dick. In other words you can say good by to Mr. Winkie during your cycle. I think that you should at some typt of Test. with the cycle. Use a 2:1 that will keep your libido up. Since you are looking at doing only a 6-8 week cycle clomid should be enought to get the old boys working again. Start your clomid Post cycle, Hope this helps.

This will be my first cycle. The reason why I don’t want to use any test. is my hair is already thinning and receding and when I was younger I had major acne problems, don’t want any more body hair, I guess I’m trying to say I don’t want any AAS that are high in adrogens. I also feel I could get gyno easily. I also don’t want to inject myself more than I have to. Maybe I’m better off doing a 8 week cycle of primo only at 400 mgs/weeek. It will be my first cycle. any recommendations?

I would love to do a cycle of just Primo, but it is MUCH too expensive for my taste. It’s as safe as you are going to get but the results should be expected to be milder as well.

i just about finished my first cycle using 300mg deca per week with 25 mg d-bol.i’m in my 7th week.also using andrsol for the last 2 weeks.I never experienced no “deca dick” and my sex drive is still the same.I will start my clomids after the cycle.This cycle was recommended by to me by Bill.(on a earlier post)according to Bill a 2 week or 8 week cycle is best,nothing in between