Crazy Eights!

I would argue that the first part of this program works type IIa fibers and the last “extended” set still works the type IIa some but heavily involves the type I slow twitch fibres. Overall it’s poor for activation of the type IIb fibres. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Does it have merit? Well a bit gimmicky with the whole 8 deal. But that just makes it a bit more interesting. Which is neither good nor bad. You gotta have a cool name for your programs right? Kidding. :wink: I really don’t think it would have made a difference if he rested 90 seconds and then 10 seconds respectively between sets. Anyways I think this routine would result in hypertrophy due to the overall volume. ZEB probably has great ability to hypertrophy type IIa fibres. So the first part of the workout is basically sound. The extended set at the end…probably not needed. However(according to what I’ve heard) higher levels of lactic acid result in higher levels of growth hormone. Which may mean nothing. As just about everything can spike GH. Then again Don Alessi likes his “Plasmic Blowout” set. Which is a super, super long set. So…???

Also an extreme pump may help in stretching out muscle fascia and other sub structures of muscles which can limit growth. “May help” being key here!

Is it a great routine…??? Haven’t tried it. Depends on your goals. Hypertrophy/endurance yes. Strength or power?No! I’ve seen worse. :wink:

we are two different people morg. Hell, I don’t even know who he is. I don’t care either.

You’re the one who calls people names via ridiculously idiotic pictures. At least we have the balls to say something is worthless via our own voices (in writing). Give me a fucking break.


When I do this routine, I do it once a week for four straight weeks. In addition to my upper body work. I then take a week off and change it up completley.

I read that the legs have more slow twitch fibers and will respond to this type of routine. If you tried it with certain other muscle groups you would not achieve as much hypertrophy.

I agree that you could rest :90 and :10 and get the same effect, but as you put it a catchy name never hurts.

Thanks for your positive commentary and criticisms!

No problem ZEB. Yes quads have a high percentage of slow twitch fibers…I remember Poliquin mentioning for quads you can do something crazy like 40 reps at 80% of your 1 rep max. Not sure if it’s a good idea…I just remember him saying it…and no I don’t know where he said it. :wink:


I guess the point of Crazy Eights is to break out of the box. I normally do lower reps for the quads, but I find when I shift to this routine that my legs really respond. It’s all about variety when you have trained for a long time.

Thank goodness my quads are mostly fast twitch and I don’t have to try and of the high rep nonsense.


Have you had the muscle fibers in your legs checked, or are you going by the success that you have had with low reps? Just curious.

So what size bowling ball do you suggest? An 8 pounder? giggle

ZEB, no, I haven’t had any muscle biopsies done on my legs.

However, I have developed a pretty good set of legs (both quad and hams) using predominately heavy, low rep training. I never really got much, outside of the overwhelming desire to puke, from high rep quad work.

My drop off is also very large. I hit critical drop off in only a couple sets of higher reps.

Say, for example, I was doing 5x12 on squats. It might go like this:

12/9/7//6/6 or something like that. There’s no staying power. They’re definitely not built for endurance.

Now, the above scenario could also be a consequence of not training in that rep range very often, so my body is not used to it.

Either way, the bottom line is I train because I love it. If I had to do high rep leg work, I would dread it. I prefer less than five reps, but do plan on doing a month of higher rep work in the new year. After all, your legs can never be too good.

Whether you like or dislike the intent of this program I think many of you may be failing to see that in-fact the degree of difficult relates to what your max effort is and your history of training energy systems. What this program basically is 8 x 8 with comfortable 90 second rest intervals followed by approximately 2? minutes of near-continuous non-weighted squatting movement (modest 8 second break between non-weighted squats if I understand correctly). If your training experience has had a greater focus on leg / hip drive, 121% of bodyweight is likely a low intensity and thus the workout is not terribly difficult. For instance a 205 lb athlete, would be using a modest weight of 250 lbs which in many instances is approximately 50-60% of max (assuming a max effort with a wide range somewhere between 400-500 lbs). Conversely if your max effort was significantly lower say 150% of body-weight then the suggested load of 121% is in fact 80% of max and a distinctly different focus.

On either note, all the best this holiday season to all of you.

In faith,

Coach Davies

i’ll concur with Thunder and say that I have gotten the best results at training with a rep range of under 5. Not to say that training with higher reps doesn’t have its place in the grand scheme of things (it certainly does), but if strength gains (and to a secndary degree hypertrophy) is your goal then training with lower reps is the best way to go due to the fact that by doing so, will increase “myogenic” tone (contractile proteins myosin and actin). I’m a firm believer that using lower reps will improve BOTH strength and hypertrophy. But yeah, this “Crazy Eights” routine is that…CRAZY (in a good way of coarse)!!..haha. Looks like a killer

Coach Davies,

That was a great analysis of my program!

Thank you for helping those who are closed minded to see this in another light.

Tony and Thunder,

You guys have my complete respect! Low rep training can be very grueling. I cycle my training so that I train at 6 reps or less also during the year. I used to be strictly a high rep guy-10 and over.

Actually, I don’t find low rep training grueling at all - the set is over in a matter of seconds.


Grueling-“Requiring extreme effort.”

Perhaps the way you train is not grueling. However, I have been around those who do low reps and have witnessed the “extreme effort” that it took.

I can see why low reps would produce results!

Crazy eights looks pretty intense. I’m pretty sure I’d vomit if I tried it. It looks like a good way to punish myself after a dieting slipup! Anyways, thanks for posting it!


This is stupid. nothing more needs to be said.

Agreed Goldberg.


If “this” means “Crazy Eights” then I feel you are being narrow minded. It may be “stupid” for the purposes of gaining strength for powerlifting, but it is not “stupid” for a good conditioning workout with weights!

As this site appeals to all forms of weight trainers I feel you need to be a little less judgemental in your snap assessment. What is stupid to one person in their small world, is indeed something new and exciting to another.

Think out of the box once in a while!

Sometimes a fun workout can help you out mentally and is a great change of pace. I know sometimes I put fun stuff in my workouts to make them more enjoyable vs effective…as if you don’t do the workout it’s not effective at all Heheh. Speaking of which I’m dying to do direct arm training. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Goldberg this workout is stupid. It has nothing to do with his goals. :wink: