Crazy Eights!

I think I’m doing alright with leg training already actually.

If you like it, that’s all that counts.


Rather than challenging you to do the workout, because it is obvious that it will not be met, I challenge you to go back and read your prvious posts! I think there is something like 260 or so.

After you do this, I want you to tell me and the rest of the people on this forum what you have contributed in a positive way.

Make sure you tell us all about the great nutritional tips that you have given. Spend some time telling us about all of the newbies that you steered in the proper direction. Don’t forget to alert every T-man about the innovative training information, or unique persepctive that you have brought to the board. Good Luck!

If you truly take me up on this particular challenge I think it will be far more difficult for you than even Crazy Eights, which by the way would break you quickly!

ZEB, what does my previous posting history here have to do with anything? Does that negate everything I say on this thread? That’s pretty ridiculous.

Did you read all of my posts? If so, then I’m sorry that this has upset you this much. Calm down a little.

Where’d you come up with 121%?

I might try it once or twice in my transition weeks when i eventually finish ovt on my legs and switch back to westside. The main goal of your program would simply be hypertrophy right?

lumburjak, there are better leg programs out there.

This program is just a normal routine with set intervals followed by supersets. Wow, that’s out of the ordinary.

Interesting how ZEB criticizes people all the time for much less. Perhaps if ZEB wasn’t such a difficult person to deal with, we’d all go easier on him.


Let me explain as my point has obviously escaped you.

I can recollect many of your posts and I am not impressed! Do I recall everyone of them? No, thank God. But, the ones that stand out in my memory are negative in nature. Someone suggests a new diet or training methodology and you respond with a put down. They are not helpful, or even entertaining. And add nothing to the overall benefit of the forum.

You don’t like my routine. No problem, but what have you contributed? That is my point. Do you understand yet? That’s why I challenged you to take a look back at all of your posts. If you examine them you will get a really good idea of how little you actually contribute to our forum. People like you who are always ready to tear down, instead of offering positive criticism actually deter newbies from joining in. Is this your goal? I hope not.

I am for adding new members to this forum and continuing to help others as best I can. I hope that you join me in this endeavor and leave your negative ways behind as it not only hurts T-Mag forum, but you as well!

Nice try Magnus. Crazy 9’s. You almost had me there.


Actually, Crazy Eights will not only help with hypertrophy (depending on your current training), but it will also give you a great cardio workout and some muscle endurance.

I have read much in the past where legs actually grow better on more reps and less rest. Naturally, some will dispute this as they have found that they grow better with less reps and more rest. My personal philosophy on this is that it’s all good!

Let me know if you try it,

Good Luck!

Jesus, ZEB, you are one to talk. You are one of the worst for that around here. Not just negative, but rude.


What exactly in your 35 post stay at T-Mag have you not liked about me?

Perhaps it had to do with my defense of free speech on morgs thread? Did that hurt your feelings? Sorry.

Thanks for just reading my posts today and judging me on those, while also somehow clairvoyantly knowing my motives for all of my not-so-substantive posts. Good job.

What’s ironic is that I received a PM today that started with this statement:

ZEB, seems like you’re missing the boat a little. Nice way to single out my off-topic posts (on any of the forums) and forget my defense of homosexuals, suggestions to improve the board, and my aid on the powerlifting/strength forum. But I’ll let my contributions on the PL/SS forum slide, because it’s obvious that you don’t spend much time there (or obviously don’t pay attention).

Actually, your little routine is just a superset. All it does is induce a pump and lactic acid. Wow. A pump has been disproven to have any significance in growth. Lactic acid accumulation has been disproven to have any significance in growth. Where does hypertrophy come in?

Also, you are working your slow twitch (type Ia) fibers using this workout. These are the fibers that are more endurance based than strength based. They are also the same fibers that don’t grow well. You need to be targeting your type IIb fibers for growth. How do you do that? Speed and strength.


Never stated that you did not contribute one positive comment. In fact, I think you have potential to actually be a positive force around here. Not my point, you missed it again.

Let’s do this, break down all of your posts into three separate category’s, 1.Positive and helpful. 2.Negative and hurtful 3.Irrelevent and inconsequential.

Where do you feel the majority of your posts fall? Be honest. I think that the overwhelming majority of your posts will fall into the latter two category’s!

You may not even realize how truly meaningless, or negative, the majority of your posts really are! I am being serious when I ask you to review your 250, or so, posts.

Now go review them and get right back to me!

I know what my posts consist of. I’m not going to explain the meanings of all of my posts to you. For the most part, they’re having the exact effect I want them to have. If there seems to be a bit of a dichotomy in my posting patterns, then maybe there is a bigger picture at hand that you are not quite getting, nor should be expected to understand (at no fault of your own).

But I think you’re missing the point. You talk about wanting to clean up the forum, then you post this junk program? Maybe I’m the one doing the cleaning up here. Do your part to quiet the white noise that this forum seems to have become and only speak on subjects of value.

Ben, I would love to spend all day arguing back and forth, but we have a difference of opinion and I don?t think either one will change their point of view.

If you enjoy rolling a bowling ball with your nose and it works for you, then go for it.
I doubt I would read your post on it, but others might.

?Why are you criticizing our freedom of expression? Sort of hypocritical there, huh??
Never criticized your freedom of expression, rather I stated that if you don?t like something then don?t do it.

I agree that JB and CT do not put together lame programs, so I would not jump all over them. However, what about the kid who has spent all his life reading Flex and then views a CT workout. Good chance he will think it is lame and stupid, mostly because of the crap that Flex has shoved down his throat.

Obviously, you are going to know how your muscle and body responds more then anyone else, so if your workout is working for you, then more power to you. Zeb has found a routine that works will for him and it looks like he enjoys it.

So keep lifting and don?t be afraid to try new things just to shake it up a bit.

i think the two butt pirates bentyson and tenbyson need to shut the hell up, quit calling people names, and stop being such assholes.

people post stuff trying to get information out or help people, and this asshole does nothing but call people retarded.

get a life.

Ben, Ben, Ben, there you go again “junk program”. Your negativity abounds!

This sort of thing has become so second nature to you that you don’t even know that you are doing it. Isn’t that called a “compulsion”? You are compulsively negative! Again, you may not want to spend the time, but I think a good read of all your 250, or so, posts are in order. It would help you.

Others have noticed this as well. I have received four PM’s since we have begun our little banter. All from solid T-Men telling me to ignore your negativity. They pretty much state that you are not worth it. I disagree, no one is beyond hope. Not even a compulsively negative person such as yourself!

I’m here for you Ben, if you want to talk or just vent. Anytime.

Im takin my ball and goin’ home!