Cramping during workouts - why ??

I get cramps in my calves, hips and feet during my workouts - why ?

Massage and stretching helps relive the attacks for a short period.

I´m not dehydrated (piss = very light yellow) and my potassium intake is fine.

I am taking creatine at 10 grams maintainence per day but I don´t belive that´s the cause since I have in fact had these symptoms while off creatine as well.

Are you taking any fat burning products right now…especially Clenbuterol? If so then these products can definitely cause cramping. Also you may want to check your mineral intake…especially magnesium as a deficiency may cause cramping and other muscle related problems such as twitching.

Are you getting cramps in the body parts you are actually working on? For example, while doing weighted dips, even though my feet aren’t even touching the floor, sometimes I have cramps in my hamstrings and I realize I am tightening them. I make sure I keep everything except the part I’m working relaxed,tight but not tightened. I know this seems basic, but when you are doing heavy lifts it happens.

Dude, a few things for you to double check: how tightly you tie your shoe laces. Tight, or too tight shoe laces can cause disrupted bloodflow throughout the feet, leading to “stingles” on the bottom of feet and a muscle spasm in the arch. It is possible that in a chain reachtioj this is effecting your heels. Also, how is your lower back? if it is tight or you have a sciactic nerve impingement this can also explian part of what you have. No matter, strech, increase you fluid, change your sneakers and warm up thoroughly.
Good luck.

Yep tightening my hams during lying db-presses causes cramps.

Also my lower back is very tight - how do I stretch it ?

- Kelly, while I´m not on clenbuterol at this time I do use both caffeine and ephedrine before some workouts. I know caffeine is a diuretic - however If I´m not dehydrated I should be fine, right ?

I used to have cramping problems so bad my quads would lock out and it was very painfull. I found that you need to drink a shit load of water while on creatine or you can get bad cramps. Drink at least a gallon of water a day.

I have a similar problem - I sometimes get cramps in my hips when I’m - um, well when I’m having sex. I have no clue what causes it. I’m always well hydrated and it happens whether I use supplements or not. Anyone know how to stop those cramps?

Cramps during physical activity are often a sign of inadequate magnesium intake.

I guess I’ll go snag some of my hubby’s ZMA. Thank you.

Bateman- I know the caffeine + ephedrine make me cramp sometimes so maybe you can try eliminating this pre workout boost for a couple of weeks and see if your cramps go away. Also, I know some overweight people who can’t take caffeine + ephedrine due to electrolyte depletion…Electrolyte depletion can surely lead to cramps.

Ironbabe. My girl used to get these all the time. Until I started performing asisted stretching exercises while …u know. Instead of standard mom and pop missionary I would have her lay on her side and I would press her thigh across her body stretching the outer flexors for the first 10-15 min then do the other side same amount of time then from behind same amount of time then whatever we feel like till she screamed out other men’s names. The woman has to work up to those times tables as that much stretching many times could cause muscle soreness also a bit of advice from experience if he is feeling particularly neanderthal do not let him do this as he may make a wish with you and tear you up.

You are not getting enough water, partner. When you start taking creatine you need to increase your water,when you up your protein, you need to drink more water,when you do ECA you need to drink more water.If i cramp up i just up my intake of water until it goes away.

Also doing ECa and creatine is not a good idea. ECA is a diuretic and will cause your body you excrete more water.Creatine wants the opposite as it tries to increase water inside your muscle cells.

Hydration may be an issue. Stretching may
be an issue. I find that if I don’t get enough
potassium then I get muscle cramps. How much
potassium are you getting?