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On this week’s issue of T-Mag Coach Davies wrote an article regarding fat loss. Is this type of program more/less effective than Meltdown Training for losing fat? Also, when it says “8 - 12 reps” does that mean I should aim for failure between 8 to 12 reps or should I leave a couple ‘in the bag’?

Also do you jump rope on your GPP days?

The reference was that in week 1 & 3, use 50% of your max effort for 10 reps. On week 2, use 60% of your max effort for 8 reps. I hope that assists you. Good luck with the program. In faith, Coach Davies

First Dimza, I am not quite sure which is more effective for you. It may be better for one person than it is for another. As for aimng for failure? No. If you notice we use a weight of 50% to 60% to focus on explosion. Also if you are going to failure 1) something is not right and 2) you would not beable to complete the entire work out. To SAL, I honestly do not believe that the rope work is necessary on the GPP days. Remember the GPP is used to facilitate blood flow to help you recoup, as well as build up your work threshold. If you have more questions feel free to ask.
Jeff Olech Assistant Renegade Coach

sal, the article says that the rope work is a daily warmup, so I believe that Coach intended for it to be done before GPP in the mornings.

I am confused, do you mean perform the exercise for 10 reps with a weight which is 50% of my 1RM (this is what it says in your article) or 50% of my 10RM?

Also, is it alright to sub lat-pulldowns for pull-ups? I can normally do 14 quality pull-ups in a row but when I did this today, there was no way I could do 10 pull-ups after the second set.

Jeff, you mentioned that we are supposed to concentrate on explosion, but I thought Coach Davies mentioned that the tempo was 402?

Dimza, I believe there are a few exercises where you HAVE to work on explosion. Medicine ball woodchoppers and the various hang pulls can only be done explosively. Also, it is definitely 50% of your 1RM. Finally, as far as lat pulldowns are concerned, try this first. In the squat rack (unfortunately), grab onto your squat bar, place your feet on the ground in front of you, and squat down until you are hanging by your arms. Now, do your pullup sets this way, using your lats as long as you can. When you have to cheat, though, your legs are there to give you the LITTLE bit of extra help. Let me know if that was not descriptive enough.

was wondering what your recommendations are for workout timing, i.e. morning on an empty stomach or do u eat something before, wasn’t to clear in the article.

As noted by Jeff & Jeremy’s comments, you should be performing the rope work on your GPP days. Best to perform your training in the morning. Good luck. In faith, Coach Davies

Straight from the article…“Off days are enhanced with moderate, early morning, pre-breakfast, non-weighted GPP. Please note this is moderate GPP and isn’t the “take no prisoners” variety. Moderate GPP in the morning is used at this time to not only assist with further fat loss (while blood sugar levels are low), but also in muscle recovery and work threshold development.” I do not believe, based on the collective research and opinions are here, that the actual workouts themselves should be done pre-breakfast. The GPP however, should be.

This may sound like an obvious question, but after reading the article is the actual routine a five day routine with 2 days off before starting again? For example, Training Mon-Fri with the weekends off.

It is designed to be in performed within a 5 day period with two rest days following. Certainly on those days you could add “active rest” as in Days 2 & 4 but that depends a great deal upon your own recovery patterns. I hope that assists. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, you suggest working out in the morning because at this time GH peaks when blood glucose is low. Does this mean that I should skip my Surge to keep the blood glucose low?

jethro, I could be wrong, but I don’t know that I would use Surge after a minimal GPP exercise session. Now, if this was a MAXIMAL effort GPP session, then Surge may be okay, but it seems very cost ineffective to take Surge after only a marginal restorative workout. If, on the other hand, you are NOT eating breakfast, dieting, and doing the WEIGHT portion of this workout, I hope that you are on an androgen of some sort, as this has got to be pretty catabolic. If such is the case, I would be taking Surge right away to fight the catabolism.

My apologies on not posting earlier. I had a few problems replying. However, Surge would be defintely be an asset in your AM session. In faith, Coach Davies

Sorry coach but I am still not clear: Do you mean if possible we would be best off doing the actual weight workouts on an empty stomach (pre-breakfast) too? Thanks in advance. I am six weeks out from my goal so I plan to hit GBC for 3 weeks and then F-2-F for the final 3.

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Yes, if you can train in the morning pre-breakfast, that would be best for maximal fat loss. As noted, previously you can certainly augment your training with a good quality drink like Surge during your training session. I hope to hear of your success and do not hesitate to contact me. In faith, Coach Davies


Thanks for the quick response.



I just reread your response and had another question. I can understand the necessity of using a post workout shake but using the split apporach (half during and half after) would seem to contradict the point of morning empty stomach work, being that you suggest it due to the low blood sugar and GH reponse. If I were going to use the during workout drink wouldnt that be the same thing as if I wasnt empty stomach (since I wouldnt be if I was drinking a drink)?