Hello everybody,
I have bought some clenbuterol … I have been taking it for 2 weeks now, and i have not been able to see any improvement in muscle yet… Could you tell me about your experienced results with it ???

Almost every RELIABLE information source has nixed clenbuterol and it’s supposed mystical fat-burning and anabolic properties. I know, I know, we all know someone who swears by the stuff, but I, for one, have never seen a visable change in those who used the substance.

Where did you hear that clen has muscle-building properties? It’s used for fat loss, not lean muscle gain (despite whatever source may say that it aids in lean mass, I’ve yet to see or hear of anyone getting gains while using it, myself included!) Even for fat loss, I saw little change other than that my hands shook like I was having a continuous seizure. Now I’ll pop two tabs if I want a pre-workout kick for added energy, but that’s it. Not as “miraculous” as some claim it to be.


I don’t know about Flaxdude and Musclehead, but I tried Spirospent (another name for Clen) from Mexico back in the early 90’s and I got hella-shredded (sub %5 body fat) and very strong, very quickly. This “suppliment” has worked better then anything that I have ever tried (realize that I have never used steroids).

I don’t know how often clen is pirated nowadays; I would suspect that some folks who have tried it and got no results may have gotten some of the fake stuff…



Clen is great if you enjoy severe muscle cramping during sex.

I have been using clen for years with great results. About using it for muscle growth, no, you will not add mounds and mounds of muscle with it, but if you get on a really calorie restricted diet, or take it with T3, you will not suffer as much catabolism. I got on a 1000 calorie diet/day regimine for two weeks with clen and got sickly shredded, I’m talking paper thin and actually gained a tiny bit of strength. You have to take enough of it though. I built my way to 7 pills per day. Yes, I looked like I had Parkinsen’s disease, but I looked damn good. You prolly got some fake shit. Scammers are getting better and better every year.

oh yeah, I found that MD6 worked just as well for me, so stock up while you still can. I live in Texas, so I can’t have MD6 sent to me, so I’ve had to use Lipo-dex, which is less than adequate, but still gets the job done. I used to have to have MD6 sent to a friend out of state, and then they had to send it to me. Freakin sucked balls man

I have used clen about 5 times in the last 5 years.I have never attained the same results as the first time.I built up to 6 a day and my hands shook but I gained 10lbs. in about 3 weeks.Keep in mind I was at a job in a restaurant where I could eat all the beef, chicken and fish that I wanted. Their profits probably went up 15% when I left. You don’t mention how much you eat in your post. Results like my first time are not too common. Most use clen for fat loss. On the other 4 tries I had w/clen I lost fat a little slower each time. As they say, the first time is da bomb. Now my favorite is MD-6, and it’s almost gone.The FDA sucks. Good luck in the quest for growth.

Now here is the true storey from one who knows. Spiropent, ie, genuine clenbuteral, bought directly from a pharmacy I know, works a treat for fat loss. Used correctly, it has a history for years as the number 1 fat loos tool. Use it like this. Day 1 and 2, take 1 tablet only. Day 3 and 4, 2 tabs only and so on until you get the shakes. IT is absolutely essential to build up slowely over say 2 weeks to about 6 or 7 tabs. When you get the shakes, back off by 1 tab, this is your threshold. For me it is 6 per day, all taken at once first thing in the morning. Take your temperature before abd after, it will be up about 1 degree, ie from say 36degC to 37degC. It is superb for a while. After 2 weeks on the main dose, change to 2 days on and two days off untill shredded. Again you must be on controlled calories for fat loss. Noew for muscle gain the picture is slightly different. You must stay on for at least 17 weeks, 2 days on/off as before. That is a long time and I don’t really reccomend it. There are better ways. For fat loss, I personally have found no better way. Hope this is of some help. Remember though, that my stuff is the real mcKoy. JR.

Hey, are all of you idiots???
Do some research before you set your hands down on that keyboard next time. Also, reasearh methodology on how and when to take your supplements weather you are taking B12, Tribex, Insulin, HGH, or frigin Steriods. Now as for Clenbuterol it is extremely effective if used correctly. It is a beta-2 adrenergic agonist that stimulates your beta-2 receptors. It is a prescribed Asthma medication which is catabolic to fat and anabolic to muscle. Clenbuterol’s most valid application is as a pre-contest, cutting drug. The amount you take is dependent on what your goals are. If you are taking it for fat loss use a 2 day on 2 day off method. If you are using it for it’s anabolic effects and fat reduction use it every day. I don’t recommend use over 30 days.After 2 weeks, the Beta-2 receptors down regulate and impairment of T4 to T3 conversion is impaired. Research shows that using it for two days on then two days off prevents attenuation. Apparently, clen has a half-life in the body of 48 hours making it pretty much irrelevant when you take it. This means that two days on, two days off, conserves the number of pills you use in a cycle rather than for receptor downgrade which occurs around two weeks. The three weeks off between cycles counterbalances the receptor downgrade; the two days on, two days off reduces the side effects since on the third day of two-on two-off the concentration is highest. Now as for doses everyone seems to b different, I tend to build my way up to 12 pills per day. When I have used it in the past I have gone 30 days strait and I have seen incredable results. Last time I went from 16% BF to 7% in one month and nearly maintained my weight of 210 lbs. You do the math that’s about 21 lbs. Also, remember and this goes for all supplements, the Mexican ones SUCK. for Clen go with the Bulgarian ones that come in a 10 per blister pack.

Well, FlaxWheeler, consider yourself lucky, 'cuz my clen was Bulgarian, and I did two different cycles of 3 weeks with two different batches and still not much good came of it. I lost maybe 3 or 4 lbs. tops during that time, and I could have done it without using something that made me shake like I was sitting on a paint mixer. I’ve hear LOTS of discussion on clen, and from what I gather I’m definitely not the only person who doesn’t get much from it. And, I do recall that my diet was clean, my training program was good, so those aren’t factors in my results. Now, as far as clen having ananbolic properties, I don’t think that they’re anything noteworthy; anti-catabolic perhaps, but saying that clen is good for anabolism is about as worthless as saying that GHB is good for releasing more GH - the amount is so negligible that it makes no sense to use it for such a purpose. I don’t know, maybe some of you guys are freaks of nature, but I myself find it hard to grow well AND shed fat at the same time; the two things aren’t condusive to each other, at leas not for me. But, that’s me. Oh well, this is an argument that can neither be won nor lost, anyhow.

Hey Flax baby,
There’s many possibilities and I’m going to be honest with you. Everybody is effected differently by different substances. In most cases studies I’ve done and seen there have been many disputable results. Yes it works for Gunther X but for some reason Ronnie Z is getting adverse results. So, don’t go around dissing it just because it didn’t work for you. Flax, it’s also possible weather you think so or not, that your mind is convincing your body that it does not work. So regardless of the effectiveness that most bodybuilders have experienced you still stay chubby :slight_smile: Imagine that…

There's other things you can try if clen doesn't work like 1 tab O'Cytomel per day, also on the legal tip try stacking Methoxy-7, MD6, Nandrosol, and some cardio. I tend to use this with my regular workout regiment.

I’ve never used clenbuteral but everyone I’ve encountered that has never got good results. Mainly the reason this is such a popular drug is that it’s not an FDA approved drug. A good thermo like ClenbutRX, MD6, or Xenandrine will give you better results than clen and they don’t down-regulate in 2 weeks.

Sorry, I don’t remember the science behind this, but I read that clen did build a little muscle in animals, but there’s something different about them than humans (besides the obvious.) Anyway, clen isn’t anabolic in humans. I think some people assume it is because with the fat loss they can see more muscle.

Personally, I shake like a fish out of water and the results are only as good as MD6 or an ECA stack, which doesn’t give me the shakes. I don’t mess with clen anymore.

Clenbuterol is NOT for lean mass gains-it’s a fat-loss drug.TIP- MD6 works MUCH better!

Ugh, Michael and Logan…if you all manage to get ahold of the “real” Clenbuterol, you will know that it is a much more effective thermogenic drug / suppliment then MD6.

MD6 is decent, don’t get me wrong, but it is nothing…and I do mean nothing like “real” Clen.

When I did a four week cutting cycle with Clen back in 1992, I lost about 12 lbs of fat and actually gained a pound of muscle! This was on a severly calorie restricted diet! I also managed to GET STRONGER! How often have you ever dieted, only to lose strength?

Stop buying the garbage / fake stuff and get ahold of the real deal…then you can make a more informed judgement between MD6 and clen.

Good for you Job561, just goes to justify my earlier post. No doubt the problems are occurring with the fake stuff. You must get “Spiropent”, nothing else will do. Adopt thr dosing protocol I described below, stopping just short of the “shakes” and watch out for the new you. JR.

Hey, FlaxWheeler, I’m ususally the guy who says that everyone reacts differently to everything - you’re stealing my lines!

And, in truthfulness, it’s definitely that way. Hell, some people MUST be able to get shredded on the stuff, else I don’t know how it could have received the reputation it did. As for why I didn’t get much from it, I don’t really get much from ANYTHING I use for dieting; T-3 only makes me weak, clen makes me shaky and not much else, and even DNP didn’t seem as miraculous as many claim it to be. I get better results from altering my diet than I do from using supplemental means for fat loss; but, that’s just me. I also am a mild asthmatic, and use albuterol on a daily basis, so I don’t know if that causes any interference with the mechanisms on which clen operates (though, clen did whoop ass for making me never have any breathing troubles!) Well, enough from me. The bottom line is clen may work for some and not for others; the only way to know is to try.