How to use Clenbuterol

I need some help regarding the usage of clenbuterol. How would a 210 pound athlet go about using this. I am about 14 or 15 % body fat and would like to cut up using clenbuterol. Do I use is it for 2 weeks only? What dosage do I start at and what do I work up to? Do I follow Poliquins modified Atkins diet or a low carb diet? Or do I just keep eating carb except in smaller, controlled portions? Any help would be extremely beneficial. i am a competitive athlete at a high level of play and would like to maximize my workouts. Also one last question–Does Clenbuterol burn any muscle tissue? thanks and any imput from anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

People vary on their tolerance to Clen. Some people can get really bad shakes, nervousness, tachycardia on just 2 a day, where some people can handle 8 or 10 no problem. You might start off with 1 and gradually build up to 5 or 6 per day, something like that. Duchaine said, and I agree that you really only need to take one dose per day because it has such a long half life, much longer then ephedrine. You might go for 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops…and then take some time off…be prepared for side effects like nervousness, cramps, hand tremors and muscle twitching. As for the muscle wasting part, in animals it has been proven to be an anabolic (muscle building) agent, but only at dosages high enough to kill humans.

Duchaine wrote a nice piece on clen. in the USH update 92’. He suggestes using your body temp. as a guide for dosage. Start with 1 tab. and check your temp. an hour after taking it. The next day, try 2 tabs. and check temp. Continue increasing the dosage each day and checking temp. At some point (he says 3-6 tabs) your temp. will hit a peak. Meaning, the addition of a tab. doesn’t increase temp. further. This peak day is your optimum dose.

Since it is your first time, you might want to avoid the temp. experiment until you see how clen. effects you. Try a lower dose for 12 days.

As far as “burning muscle”, it’s my understanding that clen. depletes muscle glycogen. Hence, your muscles can appear less full.

Be extremely careful about your diet. I’d think twice before restricting carbs while on clen. (especially for your first time). Try keeping the carbs up, drink plenty of fluids, and take a mineral supplement. Being your first time, consider it more of a test run. You can experiment later. Just get an idea how you and clen. interact.

I’m no expert, but I have done a few cycles of Clen in the past with some success. Most guys do well by keeping a “clean” diet throughout, and minimizing carbs (much like the T Diet). As far as dosage, everyone seems to agree that “two days on, two days off” is the best way to keep your receptors fresh. Start with two a day, and then GRADUALLY work up in dosages. It’s working if your hunger is abated and you feel marginally “heated” throughout the day. On the other hand, if you feel nervous and jittery, notice your hands shaking, and have trouble sleeping…well, then, that’s too much. You body will acclimate itself, though, so dosages need to gradually increase. And don’t worry about losing muscle mass–some guys can train harder on Clen, and most seem to at least maintain LBM.

Thanks Boscobarbell. I appreciate the help. How long have your cycles of clen been? Also did you find clen to be better than the ECA stack or MD6? thanks man, I really apppreciate your help.

I have an old Duchaine interview tape that i rec’d from MM2K back in 96. In the interview duchaine mentions some of the previous points made by the other posters. Also he mentions that, if you plan on using it for cutting up, that you should take it every day! the 2 day on 2 day off theory applies for guys looking for the anabolic effects. He also mentions staying on it for as long as your body temp is at its peak. He states that once your body temp begins to go down, to stop using clen. He states that, at this point, your thyroid gland has shut down T3 production. He also states that extensive bloodwork is recommended to see what your T3 levels are.

Clenbuterol is supposed to be very anti-catabolic (perhaps you should have known this, keep studying this shit man. It’ll kill ya if you fuck up!). Personally it didn’t do shit for me. I had my training and diet in order too. All I got from it was the shakes, a huge headache about 6 hours after any cardio, and it seemed to increase the pain of any workouts or cardio I did. [shrug] I’d prefer an ECA stack personally, 'cos it works (for me).