Chris Shugart... Oatmeal=Evil?

Hyok, Timbo thanks for the advice. I hereby consider myself chastised, and once I’m finished with my little baby, non-T-havin’ oaties, I promise I’ll try your recommendations. (Don’t know what I can get here in Japan, but…) Timbo, you killed me with that Char-dawg comment! That’s fuckin’ hilarious! Of all the nicknames I’ve ever been afflicted with, this is the first one I’ll wear with pride. I may even start posting under it!

Jonny Mills…seems that the Advanced Protein or straight-up protein powders mix up much more nicely than an MRP. With the protein-only powder, you get an almost ooey-gooey oatmeal (I’m grubbin’ on some at the moment:-) But just like when you mix the two in water, protein-only powder is very thin, whereas an MRP tends to be thicker (because of the ingredients)…my suggestion would be just to make to oatmeal with some extra water–kinda soupy–and then mix in your GROW and you’ll be good to go.

Jonathan, just make the oatmeal soupier than normal if you’re gonna throw in Grow. Adding Grow without any extra liquid and you’re gonna get tar.

Damn guys how hard is this. If it is to thick add water. Shit, do you think it will f#$% up your the nutrient profile by adding water?

Jonathan, just add some skim milk to the mix, creating texture to taste. There’s no way to mix AP or Grow! into oatmeal without added moisture. In fact, I don’t think it tastes as good when it’s too thick. Only a few minutes ago I ate my first microwaved oatmeal (thanks, JB, I’ve been cooking it on the stovetop my whole life, this is easier) with two scoops of AP, some ground flax seeds and skim milk. Ate it at my desk about 8:15, as I was in the gym this morning at 5:30 doing squats, SLDL, presses, deadlifts and calves. Had one scoop of Grow! at 5:15, two cups of coffee, sipped Advanced Genetics Glutacene during workout, then post workout shake of Grow! packet, scoop of AP, scoop of complex carbs. That shake was at 6:40 so the oatmeal meal was at 8:15 (+ one banana).

How about a Biotest/Ben and Jerry’s John Berardi Ice Cream?

Hey, Chris Chardon (aka Char-dogg). It must be difficult eating low GI in Japan. I definitely think insulin sensitivity is genetic. Japanese eat white rice all the freaking time, and there are very few obese people. Saw the same thing in Korea. Sure people look a bit fatter than I’ve seen in the past due to the abundance of food, but nothing like we see in the States. So, what do you do to eat low GI? I think buckwheat soba might be moderate GI. I can’t think of anything else.

Although I eat my share of oatmeal and know it’s an ideal carb source, I disagree that having cold cereal in the morning is hurting my physique. I weigh about 250 and am following the “Don’t Diet, Diet” guidlines. I only get about 250-300 grams of carbs each day. My breakfast consists of 2 servings of either Smart Start(Berardi mentioned he eats this) or Premium Raisin Bran(shitload of fiber) with a couple scoops of protein powder. After a 6 hour fast(except for protein shake in the middle of night) I don’t think I am storing any carb as bodyfat. Just my opinion.

Atkins makes a phenomenal syrup with zero carbs. It’s flavored with sucralose and comes in maple, cherry, strawberry, or raspberry flavor. Not very thick, but tastes AWESOME.

Timbo, cut yourself some slack, buddy…you’re bulking up right? Pizza Hut and Chinese buffets are truly one of the great pleasures in life.

With all the interest in oatmeal, here’s a little background info:

After harvesting, oats are washed to rid them of sand, twigs, and other impurities. The grains are then dried and roasted. In addition to giving them their distinctive flavor, roasting improves their keeping qualities and facilitates the separation of the hull (the inedible outer surface coating) from the kernel. Once roasted, the grains are cooked and sorted. The hulled grains are then cut to obtain uniformly sized granules, which are rolled into flakes.

The hulled seed, or groat, can be sold as it is, rolled, or ground. Unlike wheat, oats retain their bran and germ during processing, as they are not refined. The different stages and methods of processing produce steel-cut oats, old-fashioned rolled oats, quick-cooking oats and instant oats.

Steel-cut oats are made from hulled roasted oats that are passed between steel blades which cut them into slices of varying thickness. The more finely the oats are cut, the faster they cook.

For old-fashioned rolled oats, the hulled grains are steamed and rolled to produce flat flakes.

Quick-cooking oats are simply old-fashioned rolled oats that have been cut more finely in order to shorten their cooking time.

To obtain instant oats, the grain is partially cooked and then dried and rolled very thin; it is ready to eat simply by adding boiling water. These are the ones used for kiddie oatmeal and almost always contain sugar, salt and often food additives.

In general, less processing equals better flavor and taste, lower GI value, and longer cooking time.

creamer…slack will be cut, my man:-) I definitely realize I’m missing out–Kung Pao Chicken, Twisted Crust Pizzas, Dessert Pizzas and Ben & Jerry’s–dayum, I just ate a boatload of pasta and beef and my mouth’s waterin’! Seriously, I think it’s something I will incorporate on an occassional basis.

Any suggestions for Ben and Jerry’s flavors? How 'bout those soft-baked pretzels (aka spoons) JB? Any other favorites from any other T-Peeps for getting their grub on, in a fun fashion?

Char-Dawg...that's what I'm hear for, big guy! I'm flattered ya liked the name and think you should break out with it, bro:-)

RacingSnails (sorry no nickname) I’m in, bro!

Hyok, what I do is order the bulk of my food from the States. There’s a great company here called FBC (Foreign Buyer’s Club) that gets you your stuff for not too much over US prices. Amazing. So anything that’s non-perishable is ordered through them. I also order Biotest supps from New Classic System, which is good if you don’t mnd buying in bulk. Otherwise, I eat fruits and veggies from the local supermarket. The thing that gets me, though, is the absolute lack of any kind of healthful SNACK in this country. They’re all sugar, basically. Same with vending machine drinks. You’d think that with a machine on every corner, you’d be able to find one with something good in it, but it’s all Coke and “sports” drinks that are saccharine bombs. (I notice Weider is doing well in the supermarkets here with his “protein” goo-bags, which have all of about two grams of protein in it and sell for about $2.50 a pop.)

Timbo, as you can see from this post, I have transformed myself! And I owe it all to you...