Chris Shugart... Oatmeal=Evil?

Oats are always part of my daily meals. I’ll pop some into an empty coffee mug, then I dampen them just enough with water, dash with cinnamon and nuke for about 2 to 3 minutes. If you top it off with a pack of Splenda its even better.

Do any of you guys ever eat your oats dry? I sometimes eat my oats like cereal, that is dry with milk and protein powder poured over top. Good stuff!

Mr Berardi,
I am a little confused I have been trying your MAssive Eating / Don’t Diet ideas to clean up my diet and eat clean year round instead of the 20 -24 weeks before a competition. - I thought you said not to mix carbs and fat. But isn’t that what you are doing when you mix your CHUNKY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER with your oats? I thought of doing this but I keep telling my self protein and carbs or protein and fat, NO FAT AND CARBS! Please help me understand, because now I really want some chocolate protein/peanut butter oatmeal just like John M Berardi eats. - Matt

JMB, I do not know if you are aware or not but there is a quaker 100% natural granola oats, honey and raisins Cereal which has a pretty damn good profile and tastes great. 1/2 cup= 220 cal 8g fat 5 g prot 35g carb,only bad thing is 15g of the 35 g is sugar. But it is really good stuff.

Okay, I did some research.

Old Fashioned Quaker Oats (the kind I recommend). Ingredients: Whole Grain Rolled Oats.

Instant Flavored Oatmeal in those little kiddie packets. Ingredients: oats, sugar, natural flavoring that includes soy, salt, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL (if it has raisens in it), MALTODEXTRIN and PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED SOYBEAN OIL (if its of the “creamy variety”), etc.

The list goes on and varies a little with flavoring. Some of the flavored stuff has more cals and carbs too, some doesn’t. What got me though is the second ingredient listed on every flavor I looked at: sugar. Also, the kiddie kind looks finely processed which may give it a worse GI.

Got all this info at

Hey JB this morning I thought I would try the oats, choc protein and my natural peanut butter. I thought you were blowing smoke man but this stuff was good. I have been keeping my carbs and fats separate but think for my first meal of the day I might have this everymorning. For those that haven’t tried this yet it tastes great, I did add a bit of splenda and I actually put it in the freezer for 5 minutes to really chill it out.

Shugs…thanks for the Nutritional Update I was going to inquire about the ingredients of Old Fashioned Oats, as I’ve been using the packets of Regualar Flavored Instant Oats and figured I was safe because the first ingredient was whole-grain rolled oats…but obviously the list goes on. As I type I finish the last of my supply, so Timbo will have to give the old-fashioned kind a try from now on–are they microwavable? Also, Shugs, Mr. Top Dawg, I tried a similar concoction to your cottage cheese/PB recipe last night and just want to make sure no one’s going to call the Massive Eating Police on me. I was wondering how many carbs your’s has. I ended up with about 15g of carbs and 16g of fat (don’t think it’s a big deal really) with 1cup cottage cheese, 1scoop protein and 2tbsp PB. Thanks, Shugs.

Dry oats??? I used to tear 'em up like that all the time. I'd take an MRP (at the time, Nytro Pro or Myoplex), mix it with half the water into a pudding and toss in a packet of dry oats, all in a bowl. Dayum tasty!

Timbo: Depends on how much of everything you use. Yeah, I break the 10g of carbs rule a little when I make an extra big helping, but not by much. Probably no big deal. My cottage cheese has 3g of carbs per half cup. Natural PB has 6 or 7g of carbs per serving (brands differ), and AP has 2g of carbs per 20g of protein (one scoop).

I microwave mine, no prob. Just add water and toss in the nuker for 3 minutes. If you add protein powder, just do it after you cook it.

Hmmm, it’s 8:30am as I type this and I’ve already had my breakfast shake at 6am. Time for breakfast #2- oatmeal and AP!

I’m gettin’ p****d off with oats as I CANNOT cook the f*****g things. Why do porridge oats take 5 mins in the pan whereas oatmeal takes 25!? Can I cook my oats/oatmeal with milk, as it is much nicer than with water? Can someone please run me through the exact procedure for cooking as YOU do it (John K or John B)? as it always ends up ridiculously thick when I add in the grow. AAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Please someone help me sort out my oats dilemma. I know they can taste nice - when my mum cooks 1 cup of porridge oats in 1 pint of milk on the stove for about 5 mins - it’s great. Any advise?

About adding natural peanut butter to your morning oatmeal conglomeration: it’s ok. One of the first rules of Massive Eating - Berardi Style is that all bets are off for breakfast, in a sense. Meaning, it’s ok to have some fat with this particular protein/carb meal, because you’re breaking that eight to ten hour fast (or six or seven hours, depending upon how late one stays up posting on the Forum), and your system needs it all, baby! That’s why I often add a whole egg to my oatmeal.

Flax bread, by the way, is available in grocery stores here in central Wisconsin, so I’ve gotta assume you can find it anywhere. Try your health food stores; this is bread that has to be refrigerated once it’s opened 'cause it’s not chock full of preservatives.

The breakfast buffet in Vegas at Mandalay Bay is legendary; all the bodybuilders both competing and in the audience are crowded in there in the mornings. And there is plenty of room, so J.B., let’s hold our “how to gobble breakfast” symposium there. And we may need to set up a blender at the booth; hell, we could give a casual seminar on how to use oatmeal for your weight training objectives!
Isn’t it fun to have a long, engaging thread about something like oatmeal rather than dbol for a change of pace?

John, when dieting, how many carbs to you take in on a workout day and the off days?

To clarify a few things…(I love this damn oatmeal post :slight_smile:

First, cooking oatmeal is the easiest thing in the world. I put 1 serving of oats (1/3 TO 1/2 cup) - yes, straight up, old fashioned, large flake oats (all others like packets and instant I consider oats for little boys and you might as well continue the lazy ass theme and just eat a freakin muffin like all the other fat chicks of the world) in a big bowl. Then I add double the amount of water as oats (for you mathematically challenged thats 2/3 to 1 cup of water). Microwave for 5 minutes and you are done. Make sure its a big bowl though since this stuff puffs up and will spill over if the bowl is too small. This is why I use oats. This way, even the large flake (slow-cook) takes 5 damn minutes to cook in the microwave. Then add whatever you want as its cooling. If you cant follow this you are a retard!

Second, to all the massive eating devotees, do you honestly think that JB or anyone else on the face of the planet could ever spend their entire lives NEVER combining carbs and fat in the same meal? If you know someone who can live a life this way then they are way stronger than I. 1 serving of oats, 2 scoops of protein, and 1 tbsp pb amounts to about 30g carbs, 50g protein, and 15g fat. Sure, not ideal for massive eating but give me a break. Once a week or so wont hurt anyone. In addition to such sacrilidge, when gaining weight, once per week I will eat a pint of ben and jerry's ice cream (chubby hubby or other fat ladden variety) and I use baked, salty soft pretzels (crisp on the outside, soft on the inside) as a spoon to scoop it up. If youve never tried it, do it...Its awesome. Also, at least twice per month I hit a buffet. One is usually a chinese buffet where I pack in at least 5-7K calories in a sitting (Ive written down the food while I was there and analyzed it with my nutrient analysis program). The other is a pizza hut buffet (yes, another 5K calories at least).

As you gasp in shock remember this…Except for the 2 buffets and the pint of b&j my diet is flawless. I dont “snack” on extras, I dont miss meals, I dont justify a treat here or there. I eat according to the piece of paper on my fridge. If you eat this way, you can afford a weekly cheat. Most trainess “cheat” every day to some small (or even moderate) extent. And that’s why they dont see the results that they want. They are never eating perfectly or sloppily. It’s chronic mediocrity and perpetual guilt alternated by self-justification (and extreme dieting once they realize they are too damn fat). I prefer eating perfectly all week and then tearing it up, guilt-free, on the cheat meal. I take a couple mD6 and diuretics (yes I take stimulants and diuretics before cheat meals only - like 3 x per month). I get my buffet on. Then I wake up the next day and do an hour or so of cardio as damage control…(gasp again).

Finally, matt, this post isnt about how many calories/carbs to eat when on a diet. You're burstin my bubble here. Post about cheat meals or a yummy recipe or remain silent!!! Na, just kidding, kind of. But no more questions about that after this one answer. It's variable man. I diet for about 6 weeks per year. During such time I start with higher carbs and just eliminate some each week. I dont change anything else so protein and fat stay the same throughout and only the carbs elimination leads to calorie elimination. Here is an example for training days. Week 1 350g carbs, week 2 300g carbs, week 3 250 carbs, week 4 200 carbs, week 5 150 carbs, week 6 100 carbs. Then on non-training days I will keep a constant low carb intake of like 100-150 carbs all 6 weeks. During this time I will increase cardio from week 1 (20min per day) to week 6 (40min per day).

For all you oatmeal connoisseurs out there - I
gotta tell you about this.

For a long time I always figured that there couldn't be much difference in taste between *brands* of old fashioned oatmeal (I don't eat the instant stuff). That was before I tried Arrowhead Mills Organic Old Fashioned oatmeal. This stuff rocks! Its flavor is so much better than the Quaker stuff. You've gotta try it.

Oatmeal + chocolate protein + maple syrup tastes great for a P+C "treat."

I have to throw in my 2 cents… Get some McCann’s Irish Oatmeal from Netrition (or somewhere else that has it). This stuff rocks. The oats are cut, not rolled, so it actually has some texture. Only prob is you gotta cook it for 10 minutes in the microwave and use a huge bowl cause it’ll boil over otherwise. I cook up a bowl, then add a scoop of protein powder, dried fruit, almonds and honey. It’s awesome. I’ve also tried the Silver Palate stuff before (think someone here mentioned it?) and it’s good too.

If you like oatmeal try McCann’s Irish Oatmeal. It is one one the slow cooking ones, but ignore the directions and do the following. Add the appropriate amounts of oatmeal and water along with cinnamon (cinnabon has great cinnamon) and cook on very low light. Shower, dress, etc and come back about 40 minutes later it is done. I add a few drops of stevia and it takes great.

Ok I have decided we need to put our t-martha stewart brains together and develop a protein oatmeal cookie recipe, I will get to cracking on it, anyone else is more than welcome to chime in if they have an idea

I like the flavor of McCann’s too, but I don’t know if it is my imagination or what, it FEELS high glycemic. I guess I should actually use a glucometer and test it, but I seem to get a blood sugar crash after eating it. Maybe it’s due to the long cooking time that breaks the starches down too much–I dunno. So, I’m sticking to my Silver Palate’s. Besides, it’s much cheaper.

JB, my man, seriously, you have got to let up a bit, bro! I am waking up my neighbors laughing so much at your posts. You kill me, bro. Any chance you need a roommate or want a lil’ SB to knock around for a while? If yes, I’d be there at a pindrop! I’m just playing, but you’ve really opened my eyes. I too am really liking all this talk about grub. I guess I never really thought about how others followed their nutrition…guess I just thought everyone was as serious as I–which seems to be the case of yourself. In my case, it’s only clean food/fuel, day in, day out. Never a planned cheat day, never straying from the ol’ grind. What’s on the menu for the day is pretty much set in stone. Man, I’m missing out on quite a bit–B&J’s, Pizza Hut buffets, Chinese buffets, Golden Corral buffets…–I need to get out! I’m thinking I’m eating massively here–and am–but I need to have some more fun with this. I’ll definitely have to incorporate some fun meals/days into the routine and see if that doesn’t spark some growth.

To add to the oatmeal recipe book...I came across some Muesli the other day--not the stuff in the cereal aisle; it's Bob's Red Mill in a little plastic baggie--and have lately been tossing in about a quarter cup into my oats and it's alright. It's just a mixture of oats, grains, raisins and dates. I strongly urge you guys to pick up some McCormick Imitation Maple Flavoring at the grocery store. It is marveloso!

Robusto, sounds like a plan, Stan. I think we could do it up.

BTW, I know natural peanut butter is the bizomb, but has anyone tried any of the other butters out there like soy:-)...I mean hazlenut, macadamia nut or any others?

Cheers for the instructions JMB on how to cook oats for us retards. However, the oats I use (yes, oats, not oatmeal the finely ground stuff) is done after 2.5 - 3 mins in the microwave (900W). After it has cooled I add 2 scoops of Grow!, and man, what a brutal texture! How the f**k can you eat this stuff! It is so thick it is ridiculous. It feels like chewing gum in the mouth. Is this what it is supposed to be like, or am I still doing something wrong? Is this how you guys have it?

JB-What kind of software did you use to calculate calories? I always wondered what kind of damage 30-50 buffalo wings and a pizza did. Hehe. That was a funny as hell post by the way