Charlie Francis Reverse Leg Press

Does any one have any ideas on performing the Reverse Leg Press that Charlie Francis talks aobut in his book. I have been using the “butt blaster” machine at the gym but it it only goes up to 200 pds (primarliy built for the women). I’m surprised no manufacturer has made a legitimate reverse leg press as it is very effective at improving speed and hamstring power.

I think he used one of those old leg presses that are part of the Universal multi-gyms that every jr. high school has stashed behind the bleachers somewhere. The butt blaster would work if you can get enough weight on it. A better alternative I think would be a reverse hyper or a split squat (back leg elevated lunge).

Any leg press machine should be o.k. as long as it feels right,but the sprinters at my university use the Hammer Strength leg press,hope this helps.