Hey T-Dudes,

Just interested in what kind of car you guys drive? Any classic car fanatics here? Only reason is its time for me to get a new one and am thinking of a honda civic(stop laughing) and maybe getting a classic on the side so i won’t be laughed at too much by T-vixens. T-vixens are more than welcome to respond as well. or is everyone here just more into your physique and let that do the talking?

Okay, I’ll bite. I drive a '93 Isuzu Rodeo LS. Roomy back seat was the feature that attracted me most (as compared to others like Toyota 4-Runner, etc.). Not really a classic car fanatic, but my ultimate is a mid-60’s Corvette Roadster.

The Dozer is a DAM car fanatic, love to work on them, love to drive them, and above all love to race them. as of now Dozer cruises around town in a '99 Dodge Ram SS/T, black with silver racing stripes, the dam thing moves can burns those friggen import wannabe race cars. On the weekends I’ll tear around town and maybe down to the track in my '88 Mustang. Also black, completely clean, and a S’load of aftermarket parts both on the body and under the hood. Speed is Fucking addicting.

My wife drives a '01 Mitsu Eclipse Spyder and have a '97 Plymouth Breeze.

Dave: This is NO joke…a 1998 Ford Explorer that had Wilderness AT’s all around! I have been in the Ford Dealership with recalls as much as I’ve been at work! And NOW they are saying that the Tires they put on MAY have a higher failure rate than the AT’s!

I like my Explorer, though. I would like to keep a combination of an SUV and something along the lines of a Jeep or Compact/“Sport” SUV (any reccomendations?)My Dream Car? A 1948-49 Hudson!

i have a 1978 cj-5 jeep with a fiberglass body… big ol mickey thompson wheels and a liscense plate that reads… “BIGBUFF”

I drive a 99 subaru outback sport. No it isn’t the fastest thing in the world, but it gets me where I’m going. I love classic Jags, and want to own a 64 E-type convertable. In the short (and more realistic) term I’d love to resore an old car or build a kit.

2000 Acura Integra Type R, Phoenix Yellow.

2000 Chevy Lumina. Midnight blue. My husband wants a nice shiny black hummer. I could go for that.

I drive a Komatsu Front end bucket loader, three speed, blah blah, just kidding. I drive a red 1996 Chevy S-10 Sportside. Since I just graduated college, I hope to upgrade to a fullsize Silverado or a Yukon after I put some coin in the bank.

Thanks all, I think a 69 camaro ss or a 77 'vette would be my classic of choice. maybe the civic won’t be so bad if I can have one of those on the side. Only problem I get made fun of too much, i’m kinda big and the civic is so small.

Hey T-vixens, we're always wondering about penis size, what do women think of a man's car?

87 Buick GNX. Stock it does 0 → 60 in about 4.7. Quarter mile in the low 12s. Smooth ride (at sane speeds) and comes in any colour you want, as long as it’s black. TCAR. Big time.

My ex’s first love was his car…well, not really…well, maybe. ANYway, Dave P, flashy cars with tons of ‘stuff’ and huge speakers always make me think ‘what is he trying to make up for??’ That may not be a fair thought, but it is the first thing that goes through my head. Luckily, in his case, he was not making up for anything by having a flashy car, but I have known more men who HAVE been…

99’ dodge ram 1500 v8 mag. quad cab…

1993 Jeep Cherokee, great car, and pretty fast for an “SUV” and all that rollover crap is, well, crap, I haven’t even been able to get it up on two wheels and they’re damn near indestructible, I always speed up for speed bumps and railroad tracks, it seems to thrive on the abuse.

spencer, where do you live? I vaguely remember seeing that plate on a Jeep in the recent past. Then again, maybe it’s the ephedrine screwing up my memory.

Sniff… a Caravan :frowning:
Actually it was my company car.

I’ve never really cared about the cars guys drive as long as they were descent and well maintained. When I met my husband back in '96 he drove a '92 pontiac grand am.

I RIDE a 94 Honda CBR600 F2. Motorcycle for those who don’t know. It’s got a RACETECH front end that makes it handle a hell of a lot better than my ex in bed, and believe me, I rode her hard. Oh, I rode my bike hard too, um, yeah. Well, it’s my daily commute and it’s the one I race as well. But I would like a Honda Civic SI or like a little CRX SI, then again I do like the sound of that Buick Grand National! Oh, what the hell, maybe I’ll stick to my ex.

Hey Colin, thanks for the idea of the Grand National. I forgot all about that one. I’m thinking of ditching the camaro or 'vette idea for that one. I knew someone who owned an 85 GN and it was awesome. Talk about power, trully a T-man car.