What kind of vehicle do you drive?

We know where many of our fellow T-men live and work. But what type of vehicles do T-men drive? Are the majority driving SUV’s and sports cars? Let’s find out! It may say something about our “kind.”

I have a 2000 Integra Type R (Phoenix Yellow).
And my Testosterone T-shirt matches my car well (The yellow lettering stands out as much as my car does!). They belong together (me, the shirt and the car!).

Nate - you lucky bastard! (though perhaps fortunate or just tasteful is the better term) I had an 88 integra and thought it was great all those years ago, but the type R is just plain bad ass - if you can find one… I suppose yellow is a little flashy for my own style but no one can argue with a show-room hot-rod like yours. Get up.


Ken, thanks for the comments! I had a 92 Integra before the Type R. But the Type R is so bad ass. I love it.

You're going to hate me for this...I bought it online and got it for $22715 out the door with taxes, tag, title, etc!

I couldn’t pass it up! :slight_smile:

Nate, I hate you! You get to drive a sweet ass Type R and I drive a crappy 95 Eclipse GS. I was thinking of turning it into a turbo, but for the price I’ll probably get rid of it instead and get a nice Z28 or something with lots of meat under the hood. Although I wish I could get a Viper, but I won’t be rich for at least 5-6 more years.

Gran Sport Skylark. Black as night, leather interior, and runs like a striped assed ape!

Because I’m paying my way through college, I drive an '89 Mazda 323 with a few add-ons(not a GTX, I only wish). I think it might just be the most dependable car ever created, 170K and still never had a problem. MAZDASPEED!

1984 Jeep CJ-7. That’s what I drive most of the time. I have a 2000 Yukon XL, though. And in the garage, a 1966 GTO, mint. Less than 10,000 original miles. Still has the new leather smell on the inside. It doesn’t get driven, of course, because that would devalue it.

1994 Jeep Wrangler. Although my brother’s not even out of college yet and has a 1999 Wrangler and an MR2 Spyder. Why do I have to be the poor one? Oh yeah, he works and I go to school.

A hopped up silver '98 Vette. It would be such a chick magnet if it wasn’t covered with that stupid purple EAS logo. Would have taken the one of the Lambos, but Bill was only willing to part with the red one (which everyone knows has a broken left side mirror).

I have a piece of shit right now. I AM GOING to get a 71-72 black hemi-cuda. I don’t know what it is about them, they are not one bit practical but I think they just plain kick ass!!!

I drive a beat-up Jeep Cherokee, covered in stickers of punk bands and political comments. The stickers hold the Jeep together, but I’d probably get another 3-4 mph if I took them off just from the weight.

For everyday use, I drive a 97’ Mustang GT. For fun, I drive a 69’ Camaro 396 SS (not too fun when I see the price of gas though)

I have a black Honda CBR 600. No decals, just jet black with a big fat tire on the back.

She pushes me to 200km/h faster than it took me to write this short post. She’s my baby. She’s always ready to go and never says no to anything new that I want to try…

1999 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4, 96 Dodge grand caravan for my company, '56 Triumph 750 bonney never leaves the garage, 74 Suzuki water buffalo for something to ride when I get bored.

By day, a '91 Mazda 323.
By night, the Mitsubishi Evo 5, babeee!!

Well considering my cash flow, and the image I gotta uphold I have a black 2000 Viper. I’m only 19 but the paps is loaded, so that doesn’t hurt if ya hear. Yeah, it gets me laid, so it’s all good…

Right now I drive a POS (Peace of Shit) 98 Ford F-150. As soon as I graduate, I am buying a Brand new red Z-71, jacking it up with 36" tires, chrome roll bar with 6 KC lights on top and 2 10" JL audio 10W3 speakers to blast out Pantara.

unless it’s below 30, H.D. softail black w/ 18-inch apehangers, 107c.i. motor, and nitrous just in case someone needs to get woke up.

'95 dodge spirit…oh yeah.

Black 94 3000GT SL- Thank god I got the extended warranty, if it’s on this car and it’s electric it will break! But it goes fast and looks good.