Cardio squatting

I have began to notice that I am sore after my cardio sessions and this is hindering my performance at the squat rack, I only do cardio post-weight training but the soreness tends to carry over to the next day, I really need the cardio but don’t want to sacrifice my leg strength any suggestions?

I do intervals of high intensity swimming. Swimming focuses more on the whole body whereas other forms of aerobics mostly focus on the legs. It’s hard to do high intensity running without overtraining legs, but you can do so with swimming, and maybe rowing machines.

I had to read your post twice to pick this up, but are you weight training on consecutive days? You say the soreness compromises your lag training, and you’re sore the day after cardio. The suggestion of swimming is a good one, as it’s an activity that’s relatively easy on the body. Are you running? That might be a BIG contributor to your soreness, as it’s a very high impact activity (a lot of eccentric loading). Cross-country skiing (or machines that simulate it) is another good one. Other suggestions: Make sure you’re drinking a LOT of water, as it helps flush out the waste products post-cardio; make sure you’re replenishing your energy stores post-cardio; try stretching and massage. A different training split might help as well.