Carbohydrate Blockers

I like to have a few beers at the end of the week as a reward for the disciplined eating and training. Trouble is, I know that whilst doing this, it is not progress towards my goals, which takes some of the edge off the enjoyment. Does anyone have any experience with carb blockers that might blunt these ‘bad carbs’ a little?, and if so can you recommend any brands? Thanks.

No, they don’t work. That’s why I’ve been posting here since forever asking Biotest to make one that will.

If you know its bad then why do you do it?

I enjoy it. I’m going to refrain from ranting a smart ass response to your question Steve, and just say that I don’t think it’s all bad for me. I have fun with my friends, we relax, harm nobody else. I just don’t think it’s in perfect alignment with training goals. Training isn’t my whole life, it’s a part of it.

Biotest guys: Are you considering creating a product along these lines? Looks like Akicita and me will be customers for a start.

Somehow I think every beer drinking T-Man will be lining up to buy as much of this hypothetical product as possible. Is it a pipe dream? And we all know drinking isn’t good for you, but BamBam put it nicely in his last message.

I’ve used several products when watching the diet or cheating. the one I find that did the best job for the time I was in france(pure carbs for 3 weeks) was from NX Care- Calorie Care 2caps, 3-4 times per day. I did however use it in conjunction with Diet Care(fatburner).

Fibre and plenty of anti-oxitants. Basically after a night of drinking when you get home take a healthy serving of your favorite fiber. Then wait an hour and take a heavy dose of Vitamins. Take in lots of anti-oxitants and 2 asprin. You take the anti-oxitants to help combat the free radical nightmare of drinking. You take the fiber to slow or block absorbtion also to clean that crap out (literally I guess).

The guys of Lamda Lamda Lamda made something for that.

HCA- hydroxy citric acid. read up. it takes a hefty dose, but it could be totally worth it.