Carb blockers (phaseolus vulgaris)

Anyone have any experiences with this stuff? Any comments? Could take the edge off Fat Fast if they work.

We sell various products like these at the GNC I work at. Carb Cutter seems to be the best seller out of them, there is another one called Carbo Lean that has ephedrine/caffeine/salicin in it as well as the other stuff. We haven’t gotten much feedback on them, but I don’t know that they’ll make that much difference to be honest. My personal fave is alpha lipoic acid, but it takes relatively high dosages to really notice anything. With Fat Fast, you don’t do a carb-up so as long as you’re keeping your carbs to virtually nil (or even under 30g/day for that matter), I don’t see any need to use a carb blocker. If you were doing a CKD like Bodyopus/T-Dawg/Anabolic Diet, and you have a tendency to overdo the carb-ups (like yours truly), this is where they “may” come in handy, but if anything I think Lipoic Acid and Citrimax (also in high dosages) are the two best ones.

teddy- what kind of discount do employees get? do you even buy your supps there, or go somewhere cheaper?

I get a 30 % discount on anything in the store, so for the most part this is the best deal, particularly w. our house brands. Our brands are buy one, get another one 1/2 off so I can get really good deals on stuff like fish oil caps and whey protein. A few things are cheaper through the net though, like some of the national brands (EAS, Twinlab, etc.)