Carb/Diet contradictions, and other diet questions

I’m interested in going from a fat-loss diet to a muscle-building diet and was combing T-mag for help. But I’ve been more confused. T-mag has a great description of the “Anabolic diet”, a low-carb, high-protein plan divided into phases corresponding to goals. But this description omits details about post-workout carbs, and demands fewer than 30 daily carbs during portions of the plan. But T-mag, in a past Poliquin article, argues for massive carbs (dextrose) in upper-double-digit grams quantities immediately after weightlifting. Hardly low-carb! So on an “anabolic diet”, what do muscles use for that urgent energy restoration to avoid catabolism? And is an anabolic diet compatable with T-mag’s other advice that fruit is healthy and low-glycemic enough to be advantageous to weightlifters? I’d like to begin increasing my calories to add muscle, but I don’t want the calories to become excess fat (age-old dilemma); can someone tell me if there are ways to help ensure the surplus to contribute to muscle rather than adipose?