Can those infomercial products actually produce results?

My answer is a resounding yes! After intense research, I’ve found the perfect bodybuilding program based on hokey crap. My program will obviously be the Body for life program. I’ll be using the Bow-flex for my weight training and Tony little’s epiliptic runner (or whatever it’s called). For meals I will be cooking only with either george forman’s grill or Ron Popeil’s rotisserie cooker. And my supplement of choice? Crack. That will suppress my urges for food better than md6. Never seen a fat crackhead, now have you? I’ll let you know how my training goes.

Bronx Bomber, don’t knock that Foreman grill. Mine allows me to cook almost all of my chicken and steak for the week on Sundays without heating up my apartment. Damn fast, too. Good luck with the Bowflex and the crack, though. You’ll need a pretty good hit to convince yourself that you’re doing anything productive on that monstrosity.

I agree don’t knock the Foreman.

It may not “knock out the fat” but not only is it fast, but you can clean it with a paper towel.

Plastic cups paper towels I haven’t done dishes in a month. (I do rinse the blender)