Hi Guys. Some questions about Electric Shocks and other things.

Hi guys.

Thanks alot for spending the time to read this.

I have heard, read, and seen on T.V these little gadgets which you hook up to your body. They apply an electric surge to your muscles, making them contract over and over again, while you watch you favorite T.V. These things are supposed to get you hard in little time and no effort. It sounds too good to be true. What are your views on this?

Also, about the Bowflex. What are your guys views on it. I know you guys hate it, but could you please tell me why? You can do so many exercises in the comfort of your own home. You don't even need to go to the gym. The guys that they show using it are pretty built. They say that all they use is the Bowflex. Could you guys please tell me why you guys hate it? Also is their any home gym you guys would recommend?

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You’re either joking or 12 years old.

I’m not joking and I’m not 14 years old. But I would also appreciate a good explanation of what people think the electroshock and Bowflex can and can’t do for you.

The electric shock gadgets don’t have enough juice to be beneficial. Charlie Francis used this type of thing on his athletes to speed recovery and regeneration. He has spoken of the intensity of the shocks and that the normal person couldn’t tolerate the amount of juice needed just for recovery purposes. So don’t waste your time or money on them thinking they are going to work. Remember, if it’s an infomercial, it’s a piece of shit.

As for the Bowflex, it may be somewhat useful, but why would you waste your time or money on such a thing? Go with free weights. They will be cheaper and much better for you. And I don't know if you believe everything you see or hear, but those models did not get that way from using Bowflex.

When I was undergoing initial rehab for my left acl reconstruction this summer, my PT used electric stim to help reactivate my VMO…and I really believe that it helped, HOWEVER in regards to a practical, hypertrophic response…it did absolutely nothing…which is what I expected. The commercials are bs. Also bear in mind that I was hooked up to a commercial, clinical grade machine, not a ‘wrist watch with electrodes’. in regards to the bow flex ‘models’ their physiques were certainly not built on that pos. IN FACT…if anyone else might recall…the spokesman for bow flex, used to be an infomercial model for the SOLO FLEX yet another gimmicky home gym piece that uses RUBBER BANDS. Not much credibility in my book. Stick with a pair of power blocks, an incline decline bench and a power rack…you’ll still spend less money.

I happen to believe that the eccentric phase of the lift is the
major determinant of hypertrophy. Bow Flex, Solo Flex, and
Nordi Flex - These are concentric dominant machines, which
makes them imbalanced, and highly ineffective! (In addition.
they have no functional carryover into real world activities!)
Why is it we have never heard of anyone who has built a championship physique using any of these machines?!
Not even with heavy drug use has this been shown to
happen. Think how much money it would make for the
the manufacturers of these machines, if they could present
anyone who had ever developed a championship physique using
“…FLEX machines.” To quote Nate Dogg: “…infomercial, it’s a piece of shit.” Keeping it real! Joey Z.

i agree with everyone so far for grow foreget the BS they tell you on tv. great for rehab but not for growth or loosing weight