Can I Eat 5000 Calories per Day?

So ive been just maintaining about 240lb probably 14%ish at about 4000 calories a day at 6 foot 4 ive got some upper abs a little serratus action and a single lonely bicep vein at 18.5 inch arms i lift once a day hi volume about 464 reps per workout and also do 3 one hour treadmill walks per day and ive been uncontrollably hungry lately should i just accept this eat 5k a day and see what my body does basically should i see how much i can grow or do i stick to the plan and slowly cut down id do just about anything to have lean 20 inch arms but everytime i get to 19 inches my bicep vein vanishes

Why are you doing so much cardio?

Its not exactly cardio my heart rate is about 110 for the duration its a brisk walk i like the Gflux idea that says eat more and burn the extra calories to keep you at calorie balance and you will weigh the same but have more muscle

typo? -you do cardio 3 times a day???

Not a typo i walk for a hr 3 times a day at 3mph between 5 and 10% and i lift 6 days a week and 2 or 3 days a week in addition to that i do sprints and complexes with my wife

Mind throwing up a pic? I’m the same height, but lighter. I was that weight with over 18" arms too, but I definitely didn’t have abs lol.

This is me at 190 lean and very weak

This is 210

This is 230

And this is right now 245

Personally, I think you looked better at 210. Not that you look bad now but you seemed to have more muscularity then which causes you to look bigger even though you are not. Of course it could be a bad photo 245.

Anyway, if I were you I would never eat 5000 calories a day. You can only gain muscle so quickly and when you push it you end up gaining more fat than muscle. Gaining muscle is always a slower process than what we want. But with patience and a good diet you will get to where you want to be. Try eating perhaps an additional 500 calories per day of lean meats. I would stay around 4000 calories per day.

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Yeah doing 29 training sessions a week is retarded.

Not even IFBB pros on monster cycles do that much. Also with that much cardio you should at least be ripped to the bone so youre doing somethings fundamentally wrong.

Do this program below and/or check out Alphas logs for very high volume “G flux type training”…

I agree something is wrong i think ill drop closer to 3400 calories and cut down to 2 hrs walking a day also try to avoid those bonus training sessions with the wife i just felt like i wasting time trying to teach her to lift because she put no effort into it like i said ive been feeling really hungry i think from all the training stimulus probably releases ghrelin or whatever the hormone that makes u hungry is im going to stick to higher rep training though ive done lower rep stuff in the past even when i knew id hate it and training became a chore and not something i look forward to giving every ounce of energy i had

This is the program i have now j keep it logged on my phone so its all available i did a year of exercise physiology and passed the NSCA cpt ever since then i have been making my own programs

Leg press

Standing military press
95x8x7 115x8

Standing SA supported db raise

Vbar pressdown

Snatch grip deadlift

Sw ng pullup
240x8x5 240x6 5 5

Standing BB Curl

Seated shrug



Cg bench

Low cable SA Na cross chest fly

Sumo deadlift
225x20x4 225x9

Seated SW NG Cable Row

Thib curl
80x20x3 65x20x2

Meadows Row

Frabkenstein Anderson
Squat L16

Incline bench
185x8x6 185x6 6

Rope cable front raise fist together ng

SA NA cable pushdown


45deg cable ng pulldown

Cross chest SA NA DB Curl


Are these numbers in kg? For your size you should be lifting a lot heavier. I think those extra calories are messing you up. I’d cut back for a bit and lean up some then maybe eat more.
Unless I’m missing something detrimental, I don’t want to offend you.
210-230 seems to be your best weight.

My bests are 315 bench 335 squat and 405x5 deadlift probably between 455 and 495 if I went for 1rm but I hurt my back those numbers arent great but combine that with a sub 5 mile and my mma training and i feel well rounded at this point I just want the best physique I can attain everything else is a far second

I think my original question has been answered 5k calories seems too much I’ve been down to about 3200 a day and I’m down to 230lbs while my lifts are going up or at least staying the same plan to get around 215 and see how I like it