Calculating % for Anabolic Diet

Hey all.

I’m starting out on the anabolic diet to go along with a new six week training system (mainly entry-level conditioning - i’m a coming-off-sedentary skinny and weak little teenager), and have a few questions…

- I calculated my grams protein/fat/carb by using a 4 cal/g carb, 4 cal/g protein, 9 cal/g fat ratio and using the percentages given; I came up with 37g Carb, 198g Fat, and 260g Protein per day. That doesn't look right to me, I rounded it off to 30g carb, 210g Fat, and 260g Protein, but I doing that right?

  • What multivitamin do you suggest while I’m on this thing?

  • Any interesting menu suggestions?


Your P/C/F ratio look right.
You can eat eggs, bacons, Cheese (choice a cheese witha lot of fat, a lot of protein and no carbo.), Whites peanut, CHICKEN WIENERS, Chicken bologna, NATURAL peanut Butter(P8-C0-F16)cottage cheese and meat like Tuna, salmon, beef… It’s all you need.
You can also take Protein powder (without carbo, like Optimum protein)

You should take Metamucile to prevent constipation. Also take Centrum for multiwitamin.

Have a nice day !